World: Is The World Now Safer 14 Years After 9/11?

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World: Is The World Now Safer 14 Years After 9/11?

On the dawn of September 11 2001, the world woke up to a new day and got set to go about their normal daily routines. Little did the good people of United States know that they would be that day experiencing the worst single terrorist attack the world has experienced. In four coordinated attacks that left the world dazed, 9/11 was born. September 9/11 attacks

The United States then under the leadership of President George Bush responded like a wounded lion. With tears mingled with rage in their eyes and a single purpose in their hearts, the US military might went all out to wipe out al-Qaeda and indeed terrorism. Fourteen years after 9/11 is the world now a safer place?

This should have been a time to count the gains of the global war against terrorism. Sadly however, we are instead counting the number of terrorist groups now operating in the world. al-Qaeda has now been overshadowed by ISIS (Islamic State). Africa now has different terrorist groups causing mayhem in different parts of the region. Al-Shabaab, Ansar Dine, Boko Haram and others, all competing to see which group will cause the most mayhem to become the most feared.

Terrorism is no longer a Middle-Eastern Affair. It is now a global thing. Where did the fight against terror go wrong?

The state of terrorism in the world today brings dishonor to the memory of the victims of 9/11. Governments have politicized the fight against terror. The US which was supposed to lead the fight against terrorism is now leading the politicizing of the fight.

A good example is the debacle between President Obama and The Israeli Prime Minister over Iran’s nuclear program. With Iran’s history and current hatred for all things America, it is not clear how US could have backed a nuclear program by such a country known to breed and habour terrorists.

In Africa, the government of US has lost so much respect. The Nigerian fight against Boko Haram under the former President Goodluck Jonathan was for a long time stalled because the US government refused to sell weapons to Nigeria for the fight. Not only did they not sell weapons to Nigeria, they pressured other countries not to sell to Nigeria. Nigeria finally got weapons from Russia and China and then started winning the fight.

The new President who was openly backed by the US came into power and was again refused the sale of arms under the guise of one Leahy law. The feeling in Africa is largely that the US governemnt was retaliating for Nigeria’s refusal to bow to Obama’s pressure on gay rights.

The US has been known to meddle in the governance of other countries. This has not helped the fight against terrorism. Many times uprisings are funded and organized by external governments just to distabilize a country and change the government. Lybia is a good example. In what state has Libya been since the US forcefully removed Ghaddafi?

Osama Bin Ladin was said have been a creation of the United States government. Trained and funded by the CIA to fight against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Sadly, the same Bin Ladin turned around to use whatever training he got to wreck major havoc on the US on US soil. It is not clear if the United States government has learnt its lesson from this. Until the US really becomes sincere in the priomise to fight terrorism, stop meddling in the governments of other countries, stop funding and arming uprisings and oppositions, terrorism will continue to grow.

The fight against terrorism must be done with sincerity and openess. Support for fights against terror should not be a bargaining chip or a tool to strong arm a government into doing another government’s wish. The US should know that prior to 9/11, no one thought such an attack was possible in the US given the US military might.

ISIS is pulling in membership from around the world. The world governments must rally to honour the memory of the victims of 9/11 by uniting to stamp out terrorism. We must all say “NEVER AGAIN” and really mean it.

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Abubakar El-Mealan

USA is a terrorist country

My'kil Quame

this propaganda news. #mtcheeew. they want us to forget about slavery and racism. but they don’t want us to forget about 9/11? the innocent afghan blood shared? the iraqi kids who can’t go to school again. who remembers them ??

Enoyi Vincent

The world is not safer but do u, xpect US to be quite or what is the reason for ur questn?

Douglas Bolarinwa GodDey

There is a system inside american government that will always make it unsafe for their citizens…

Pat Okupa

That is what happens when you create a frankenstein monster.

Gabriel Gunner Gaby

Your story is on point but kindly rectify this it is not Syria but Iran..and finally the spelling of Libya aint right

African News Today

Gabriel Gunner Gaby thank you so much for pointing out those grievous errors. We appreciate it. We have gone ahead to make the corrections. Thank you again.

DrPatrick Obi

Terrible. Not with President Hussein Barak Obama as the States first Jihadist president.

Ignatius Quaye

no it’s unsafe ever than before!

Ogorkorhen George Mukoro
Anayochukwu Udechukwu

dis day will. never go off from American mind.September 11th attack by terrorist.Osama biladin