U.S: Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage in All 50 States

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Two old partners now licensed to be married

In a ruling that has generated very strong reactions both for and against, the U.S supreme court today June 26 2015 ruled in favour of the legalization of gay marriages in all 50 states. Prior to this time, 14 states had placed a ban on gay marriage. This ruling now overrides the ban in those states.

As is to be expected, there have been a lot of reactions both for and against the ruling. With the level of pressure the U.S has been mounting on other countries to accept gays and lesbians, this ruling does not really come as a shock to observers.

The ruling was a close one with five Justices ruling for and four ruling against. This brings to an end decades of debate on the issue. All 50 states are now bound by this ruling. There is no doubt that religious bodies will protest this decision as it infringes on their own right not to accept homosexuality.

Africa will keep watching with keen interest as things develop from the expected protests.

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