Politics: Name The U.S Official Who Told You A Minister Stole $6 billion Under Former President Jonathan – US State Department to Oshiomole

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Name The U.S Official Who Told You A Minister Stole $6 billion Under Former President Jonathan – US State Department to Oshiomole -

In an obvious response to the claims by Adams Oshiomole that a U.S official told them during their visit to the U.S that a minister under President Goodluck Jonathan stole about $6 billion, the US state department has come out with a disclaimer. In an attempt to get to the root of this allegation and possibly get the name of the offending minister, journalists contacted the US state department.

According to AfricanSuntimes.com, a call to placed to senior members of the US state department revealed that this claim by Adams Oshiomole might have been totally made up. According to African Sun Times, the response from the state department was that “the U.S. should not be drawn into such irresponsible comment as alleged by Mr. Oshiomhole. America has a transparent administration that doesn’t hide when people make a statement. If Mr. Oshiomhole claims a U.S. official told him that a Nigerian minister stole $6 billion, he should name the official instead of hiding behind an anonymous source.”

Adams Oshiomole governor of Edo State has been in the news a lot lately. In almost all the cases, he has had one allegation or another against officials who served under President Goodluck Jonathan. His attacks have mainly been targeted at the former finance minister Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. This latest allegation has prompted a lot of reactions from Nigerians with many calling on him to name the minister involved.

The US state department have now also joined in this refrain, calling on Mr Oshiomole to come out openly to name the US official who gave him such information rather than hide in the convenience of anonymity.

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lininus maduadugwo

Please can some one tell Oshiomole to talk like a governor.he has lost all the respact he has doring his time of(NLCit is a pitty

Ozoemena Clement Titus

Trust the American they we make a full out of him , these set of leaders are all pathological liers . He think is Nigeria the open their mouth and tell lies , during their campaign one of their accuse church leaders of 6mill and when the north Christian call on him to substantiate his allegation he hide

Akin Oluwakuyide

Oshiomole has been infested with mouth diahorrea by loquacious Amaechi. He talks recklessly all the time

AbdulAzeez Muhammad Gadam

And are we suppose to believe what you reported? There is no smoke without fire so we prefer to sit on the fence waiting,at the end we shall know who‘s telling the truth and who‘s lying.

Iykonz Ikechukwu Kanu

Disgusting, that’s the best way to describe the Talkative.

Bodunrin Asala

naija full of them say.is only in naija i see govt dey gosip

Delaw Obi

Oshomole in trying to please Pmb might have put himself in trouble! America doesn’t take this kind of allegation lightly!

Ifeanyi Mordi

That is the kind of leaders Nigeria is promoting, liars to the electorates. Very bad.

Kennedy Nehikhare

Tailor Made Governor

Ebony Pullah

Oshio baboon, the pathological liar, we won here the truth ooo!