Sports: What Is Happening with Oliseh and Enyeama?

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Sports: What Is Happening with Oliseh and Enyeama?

There have been news of varying shades circulating regarding tension building up in the super eagles’ camp over some heated exchange of words between the head coach Sunday Oliseh and Nigeria’s number one goal keeper Vincent Enyeama. The reports are currently not clear on what is really going on.

Sunday Oliseh, head coach Super Eagles There are reports that Enyeama came late to camp which resulted in  Oliseh asking him to leave the  camp. Enyeama was said to have  refused, trying to explain himself. This it was said resulted in an  exchange of words between the two. Oliseh is reported to have called  on the security operatives to  remove Enyeama from the camp.

Another report has it that Oliseh was responding to anti-camp  activities by Enyeama. Enyeama is said to have started sowing seeds  of  discord in the team upon his arrival.

These stories in themselves do not make much sense. First Oliseh  could not have been that upset with Enyeama for reporting late to  camp given that Enyeama had just buried his mother over the weekend.  Obviously the head coach would be expected to cut him some slack.

On the other hand, when did Enyeama start sowing seeds of discord? Before or immediately after his arrival? Clearly something happened, we however cannot authoritatively say exactly what it is. The NFF is said to have waded in to resolve the issue. We hope this is really the case.

At the same time, the media must be careful to play the right role in issues like these. The media has previously been very instrumental in destroying our teams. The likes of Sunday Oliseh, Austin Okocha, Finidi George to name but a few left the national team largely due to unsavory media reports constantly published against them.

These publications were either sponsored by certain individuals or motivated by selfish interests. It is known that journalists beg these players for money and when they do not give them what they ask, they take to the press and begin to publish. We all remember the term “tired legs” which was used to describe many Nigerian players.

It is instructive that in other countries, older players mentor the younger ones until they mature. In our case, we throw the older players away once we find some promising talents. A good example is Andrea Pirlo of Italy. He brings experience into the Italian team, a role that Okocha, Finidi and Oliseh could have played in the Super Eagles had they been allowed to.

As the issue with Oliseh and Enyeama hovers over us, the press must be wise. It is impossible for rifts not to arise. They should however be resolved with the best interest of Nigeria at heart. Our football is nowhere near where it should be. Let’s build and not destroy.

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