Nigerian Flying Eagles Trash Korea DPR 4:0

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NIgeria and Korea DPR

The Nigerian U-20 team – The Flying Eagles this morning defeated their Korean DPR opponents by four goals to nothing. This score is an improvement from the last 4:2 loss to Brazil on Monday morning.

The Nigerian team faced Brazil in its first match which turned out to be a blessing as it revealed certain weaknesses in the team. The Nigerian team clearly terrorized the Brazilian team in the first half with quick and powerful attacking runs from Isaac Success, Taiwo Awoniyi, Musa Yahaya and others. Coming into the second half, the game changed and the Nigerian team struggle for the rest of the match.

The Brazilian coach in hi post match interview revealed that he noticed the Nigerian team had a string control of the midfield and made their forays from there. What he then did was choke the midfield in the second half, thereby stopping the Nigerian team from playing their game.

One would have expected the Nigerian coach to attempt to answer to this with a strategy change. There however was no such change. Two things then became clear – The Nigerian team had a bad defense and no technical depth from the bench.

Coming into the second match this morning, one expected to see some defensive changes as this was the major problem in the first match. It was therefore shocking when rather than seeing this, massive changes was done in the attack. The likes of Success, Yahaya and Iheanacho were missing from the starting 11, replaced by the likes of Savior Godwin, Kingsley Sokari and Bernard Bulbwa.

The team struggled through the first half scoring no goals. Their lot however changed in the second half where they netted four un-replied goals. Despite this win, it is important for the Nigerian team not to be deceived into thinking they have solved the issues revealed in their first match. The Korean team was at best toothless. Against a better team, the defensive holes would once again have been revealed.

There are insinuations that the Nigerian coach might have benched Success and others because he blamed the players and not his lack of technical depth for the loss in the first match. If this is true, then unless the Nigerian technical crew put their acts together and correctly diagnose the problems of the team in every match, the Nigerian team may once again find themselves playing with heart and zeal without making any impact if they face a technically sound team.

We will continue to support our African teams as they push to qualify for the round of 16. As it stands now, all the African teams can still qualify for the round of 16 if they win their last matches. Ghana will be facing Panama tomorrow (June 5) by 4:00GMT, Senegal will face Qatar by 1:00 GMT on Saturday June 6th, Mali will file out against Uruguay on the same Saturday by 4:00 GMT while Nigeria will match up against Hungary by 5:00 GMT on Sunday.

We wish our teams the very best as they fight to make us proud in far away New Zealand.


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