Nigerian Flying Eagles Lose to Brazil

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Flying Eagles

The Nigerian under 20 team known as the Flying Eagles today lost their first match at the on-going FIFA U-20 World Cup. They played Brazil in a match that looked like it was going to be one of the best games of the tournament.

The Brazilian team opened scoring in the fourth minute and Nigeria equalized in the 10th minute. Both teams ended the first half with two goals a piece. The first half was full of excitement and it also revealed a gaping deficiency in the Nigerian defense. This was going to turn out to be their undoing in the second half.

The Brazilians came into the second half clearly with a different approach. The Nigerian team that had easily terrorized them in the first half were now struggling to keep the ball for any length of time. The Brazilians scored two goals in this half and were looking like they were going to score more. The fact that the Nigerian goalkeeper was at best shaky did not help matters. In fact, the two second half goals were easily the goalkeeper’s fault.

Brazilian U-20

This is not the end of the road for the Flying Eagles. However, the coach needs to sit up and have a game plan. The players are young and skilled. He needs to make use of their skills to goo advantage. The players played with heart, but that was clearly not enough as they fell woefully before the Brazilians in the second half of the game.

As the team files out against Korean DPR on Thursday by 05:00 (am) Nigerian time, it is hoped that we would have a team and not a bunch of skilled players. The same way these same players worked together in the FIFA U-17 World Cup is what Nigerians and indeed Africans want to see in their subsequent games.

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