Nigerian Flying Eagles Fall 0:1 to Germany

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Nigeria Vs Germany

The Nigerian Flying eagle’s team this morning fell by a lone goal to their German counterparts. The team was at best a far shadow of the Flying Eagles team fans were expecting. All through the match, the team has just three shots at goal – one on target and two off target. The ball possession statistic was also odd as the Nigerian team had only 39 percent possession to the German’s 61 percent.

The game today does not come as too much surprise to some football followers in the Nigeria who have been wondering why the coach Manu Garba has been benching players like Isaac Success, Kelechi Iheanacho, Yahaya and Moses. It appears that the coach has some issues with his star players. The boys on the pitch lacked the depth to play the German team that was not by any stretch better than the Nigerian team. The fact that the score margin was just a one goal difference shows that the German team was not wonderful. Rather, the Nigerian team was lacking in creativity and depth.

The blame for this woeful performance rests solely at the feet of Coach Manu Garba who appears to have put personal sentiments ahead of National interest. It is not likely that the fanatical Nigerian fans will forgive him in a hurry. Though Nigeria won their last two matches, there were questions that were asked. The team was clearly not playing as well as it could. The bench’s technical depth was constantly questioned on the pitch.

One thing that has plagued Nigerian football is the issue of the technical depth of the Coaches. Many Nigerian coaches do well with the U-17 who are basically unexposed boy. Moving up to the U-20, these same boys under the same coach do not do well. We have examples like Fani Amun, Godwin Obu and Ladan Bosso. All have had this same problem. They do well with these players at the U-17 level but when they move to the U-20, they do not do well. Is it because they can no longer relate with the boys as they will love because the boys have now gained more experience playing in Europe and other places as professionals or is it because the higher technical demand of the more matured game is too much for them to handle?

Manu Garba looking dazed

Whatever the reason, the case of Manu Garba is painful because he had great players who could make a difference right there on the bench. With Iheanacho, Success, Yahaya and Moses playing professional football in Europe, it is likely that these talented and exposed players have made certain suggestions to the coach which he felt was undermining his authority as a coach.

All we are doing is speculating and wondering what happened. Until the Coach comes out to give an acceptable reason as to why these players were benched, these speculations will continue and Nigerians will kick against him handling any national team assignment.

With this loss, Africa now has just two teams left in the competition. In the quarter finals, Mali will face Germany while Senegal will face Uzbekistan. Africa wishes her teams the very best.

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