Why Is Bola Ahmed Tinubu Taking the NASS Election Results Personal?

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu

After the results of the NASS elections which many Nigerians shocked and the APC in some confusion, it appears all is still not well within the party. Some members of the APC have gone ahead to congratulate the winners while some others have refused to acknowledge them. It is interesting to note that those who have congratulated the new NASS leadership are mostly APC members from the North while those who vehemently refused to acknowledge this new leadership are mostly from the South West.

Top amongst the list of those who have refused to acknowledge this newly elected leadership of the NASS is the party’s national leader – Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In fact, his wife – Senator Oluremi Tinubu – refused to shake the hands of the Senate President – Senator Bukola Saraki – like every other senator did when she came to present her certificate of return. Is this disrespect, protest or mere foolishness?

Oluremi Tinuibu

Before this time, there had been insinuations that Tinubu wanted to place his people in strategic positions so he can run things from behind the scenes. The current Vice President is already seen as a stooge planted by Tinubu while Femi Gbajabiamila was also touted to be one of his puppets. If Gbajabiamila lost and both Tinubu and his wife are reacting so vehemently, does that not give some credence to the insinuations?

Tinubu is quoted to have said  “I will never recognize such a kangaroo arrangement that produced Bukola as the Senate President. Or how do you want me to recognise a man who deliberately defied his own party because of his personal interest? It is not done anywhere. Therefore, recognizing Bukola as the Senate President after all he had done to our party today, having gone against the wish and pattern of our great party, honestly will amount to endorsing impunity, and which you should all know I will not.

For me to recognize Senator Bukola as the Senate President, he must show remorse for today’s action. He had earlier promised to defy the party and the deed has been done. You don’t do that in politics. Personal interest must not override that of the party that beget you. It’s a spoken and silent rule of the game, which all and sundry must abide with. I’m not God, but as far as this party is concerned, I’m a leader and I know what is good for the party at the appropriate time. Speaking now is not for the party, but for myself. I cannot recognize Bukola as the Senate President.”

The APC now has a lot of people confused. Tinubu is the national leader and he does not recognize Saraki. President Muhammadu Buhari is the commander in chief from the APC and he has accepted the result and promised to work with them. Some key APC members like Abubakar Atiku have recognized and even congratulated the newly elected officers of the NASS. Where then is the party’s stand? How can Tinubu say “Personal interest must not override that of the party that beget you” when it is clear that his grouse is personal and he sees Saraki’s emergence as a personal defeat which could lead to him loosing the relevance he so craves both in the party and nationally?

Saraki is now the Senate President and Dogara the Speaker. The threats and snubbing coming from key South Western APC members may end up alienating the South Western APC from the rest. If really Tinubu is a leader who knows what is good for the party and himself, he will know to treat this issue with great wisdom and not the childish tantrum like display his wife put up in the house by refusing the shake the hands of the Senate President when Ahmed Lawan who actually lost the election shook Saraki’s hands.

When the center cannot hold, things fall apart. The APC has not even started the task of governance and they are already having major issues. As everyone awaits the appointment of ministers and key government officers which is another area where the APC are likely to have fresh conflict, we as Nigerians must remind APC of their promise. Nigeria must always come first and not personal or party interests. Nigerians voted for change. When they get this change, let it be the change they voted for.

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