We Will Pressurize Nigeria Until It Legalizes Same Sex Marriage – U.S

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US to pressure Nigeria into legalizing same sex marriage

The world is still reeling from the Supreme Court judgement in the US which legalized same sex marriage in all the 50 states of the union. As if this was not enough insanity, the US through its Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield has come out openly to declare that they will continue to pressurize the Nigerian government until it legalizes same sex marriage.

In the last administration, the U.S showed clear dislike for President Goodluck Jonathan. There were insinuations that this dislike may not be unrelated with the refusal of the Nigerian government to legalize homosexual relations. In fact, rather than do this, the Nigerian lawmakers went ahead to make laws the punished offenders with jail terms of over 10 years.

The U.S ruled this to be unfair and then went ahead to threaten to withdraw any further aid to Nigeria and other countries that went against their wish to legalize homosexual relationships. It will be recalled that the United States of America refused to sell arms to the Nigerians government to combat terrorism. In fact, they went ahead to strong arm other countries into not selling to Nigeria. Nigeria had to resort to getting arms from China and Russia.

Today under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the issue has once again arisen. While speaking with journalists in Washington via a live web chat, Thomas-Greenfield said that the U.S will continue to mount and sustain pressure on the Nigerian government until it reverses its laws on the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender communities. She continued by saying “As a government, it is one of the highest priorities and strongest values that discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong. We believe human rights should be available to everybody.”

Clearly stating U.S’ stand, she said “With what is happening in the US, you can determine how far we are willing to go. We strongly believe human rights for all people and we are particularly opposed to legislation that actually targets the gay community for discrimination. So we are prepared to push this as a policy not just in Africa but across the world.”

From the talk, Nigeria seems to be the main target of this campaign that the U.S has embarked on. According to her, they are ensuring that the rights of every Nigerian is protected regardless of their sexual orientation. She continued by saying that she is confident that the US will win the fight to protect the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgender communities across the world.

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This assurance is a source of worry to Nigerians as President Buhari seems to currently be having a love affair with the U.S. Given this declaration by Thomas-Greenfield on behalf of the U.S, Nigerians are forced to ask and indeed wonder what the imminent visit of President Buhari to the U.S will mean in the light of the ferocity with which the U.S wants to force the world to accept gay relations.

The U.S government has shown from their past dealings with different countries of the world that they never give something for nothing. They had previously made it clear that aid will be withheld from countries that do not support homosexual rights. If this singular fact still remains true, what is President Buhari going to ask from the U.S? Aid? If President Buhari seeks aid from the U.S, has he decided to bow to the demands that the U.S has made so plain?

These and more questions shall remained unanswered until Mr President has gone on this trip and returned. Then and only then can we begin to attempt to find answers to these all important questions. Nigeria and Nigerians are not for sale. Neither are our God given moral and traditional values.

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Kate Onwochei

It will nerver happen

Gloria Nwoke

Holy Ghost fire fire una&una pressurizing!

Tayo Success

It is impossible.

Alwali Amg Dagona

Why disturbing yourself, no Jupiter can impose this barbaric act on us, as you all know that it would not work in this country and Africa at large.

Adimoha Cynthia
Agent of darkness. My GOD is a living God and not a dead one. The Bible made me to understand that “whose report shall we believe, is it urs or that of THE MASTER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH? And it also said “who is that man that will speak and it comes to pass? When THE SAVIOUR OF THE WHOLE WORLD JESUS CHRIST HAS NOT SPOKEN”. So, all i know is that the devil and itz incarnates, are fighting a lost battle. They are battling in vain. GOD is forever bigger and greater than them all.… Read more »
Emmy Success Agbo

woman u are insane, infact u are seriousely sick, if u think u can subject us to do what is against God then i promise u, u will die a mysteriouse death that no man has ever experience.

Eziamaka Odunze

Lol! Such Hysteria!! Which of you know an openly Gay person??

Segun Adedeji

as the lord lives and as the spirit lives this woman it will not be possible in your life time and life to come face your own contry and your children this is too disgusting

Deenn Denn

I mean obama is non- beleiver

Deenn Denn

its not the first time of attempting nigeria by the US to split the country in to pieces but both the muslim and the christian have faith in Allmighty Allah. the issue of same sex in nigeria will never pls Americans don’t waist ur effort Allah wil never support UN-BELIEVERS