Opinion: You are a Disgrace to the Noble Yoruba Ancestry – Nnamdi Kanu to Tinubu

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Opinion: You are a Disgrace to the Noble Yoruba Ancestry - Nnamdi Kanu to Tinubu
You cannot sacrifice the blood of your brethren on the shrine of your greed, conceit and unbridled 2023 presidential political ambition. You are a disgrace to the noble Yoruba ancestry. You allow your self-centred avarice and ego to stifle the aspirations and destiny of your people.
I must remind you today that your Fulani masters will never do for you what you are slavishly doing for them. You know in your heart of hearts that murderous Fulani herdsmen are culpable in the brutal murder of a Yoruba daughter and that Igbos had no hand in the Ore Highway Massacre. An influential Yoruba newspaper (PUNCH) reported that nearby villagers, who are Yorubas, informed police that the killer Fulani herdsmen have their base in a nearby forest. These are eye witness account from Yoruba people living in the surrounding areas where the tragic incident occurred. Or are you saying the villagers can no longer distinguish between a gun wielding Fulani terrorist and an Igbo man?
Your unguarded utterances only succeeded in doing more harm to the Fosaranti family, insulting the memory of their daughter and will be seen for what it is, an affront to the dignity of the Yoruba race. You are a Fulani Lackey!
The fate of Afonja and loss of Illorin a Yoruba territory to the Fulani conquistadors in years gone by should have taught you and your likes a bitter historical lesson but it seems you are hell-bent on repeating the mistakes of the past. You are devoid of shame, honour and dignity which are the hallmarks of a true statesman. The Fulani that you serve so foolishly will never shed one drop of Fulani blood for an indimi like you. They will never concede “their” Presidency to a lewd unequal.
To them you are another camouflage muslim, an filthy infidel from the south, a contaminated version of Islam not worthy to be seen or regarded as an equal.
Have you ever wondered why no Yoruba Muslim including yourself can never be allowed to lead a Jummat prayer in any mosque in the north? Because you, along with other Yoruba Muslim are not and can never be considered equal to your Fulani counterparts. Is it not a shame that Yorubas like yourself submit to the authority of the Sultan of Sokoto as the supreme leader of Muslims in Nigeria in perpetuity, yet no Yoruba man will ever occupy that throne. So you see, you will remain their slave forever and ever.
Quislings like you in the service of Fulani Caliphate abound in Igboland too, but we continue to expose, ridicule and sanction them because we are ever conscious of the consequences of their actions on present and future generations. The Fulani killing machine you serve so slavishly will continue to Taqiyya you and dangle the fruit of a false presidential promise like a receding mirage. Your hatred for Igbo people will precipitate the downfall of the Yoruba race unless you are stopped. Mark my word!
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