Opinion: Why Nigeria Could Be Heading Down a Dangerous Slippery Slope – Dr. Victor Oladokun

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Opinion: Why Nigeria Could Be Hading Down A Dangerous Slippery Slope - Dr. Victor Oladokun

For the umpteenth time, Nigerians have been treated to another orgy of violence and terror by Fulani ‘herdsmen’ whose dubious circle of influence now stretches hundreds of miles down from Northern Nigeria to Benue, Plateau, Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo, and now Enugu State in the Southern parts of the country.

Each time, these heavily armed terrorists disguised as so called ‘herdsmen’ have left a trail of blood, sorrow, and devastation in their wake. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is spared. Men, women, children, infants, homes, churches, farms, and businesses are consumed in a deliberate scorched earth policy.

Boko Haram could not have devised a more evil strategy.

Yesterday, none other than the Minister of Information told the nation that the Government was ‘quietly’ working behind the scenes to resolve the problem.

This ‘quiet’ resolution to a festering national problem is the height of absurdity. For a President to have proxies speak on his behalf in the face of repeated acts of terror, instead of addressing the nation directly and the issue decisively, is feeble, wrong, and callous. In ‘civilized’ climes most Presidents would have seized the moment to heal wounds, openly commiserate with victims, compensate those with losses, decisively act to restore order, and then find short and long term solutions. Not this President and not in Nigeria!

This Government is consciously or unconsciously waiting on three scenarios to unfold, none of which are pleasing nor in the best interest of Nigeria –

1. Force Nigerians into accepting legislated National Grazing Grounds in favor of a particular ethnicity, instead of seeing ranching as a serious and viable Agribusiness that potentially favors all ethnicities. The previous Administration developed an excellent blueprint in this regard. I’m certain it has been discarded and is more likely than not gathering dust somewhere in the deepest recesses of the Presidential Villa.

2. Allow a particular ethnicity to wantonly terrorize and subjugate the rest of Nigeria.

3. Wait for Nigeria to implode into full blown conflict.

Ponder this with me. If the roles were reversed and say for example the Yorubas or Igbos in the South repeatedly committed similar acts of terror against Fulanis or Hausas in the North, where would Nigeria be right now? Would the President and the Arewa Consultative Forum be working ‘silently’ to resolve the cancerous problem? Just something to think about.

Other than addressing the issue head on, condemning these continued acts of terror and murder by so called Fulani ‘herdsmen,’ and calling it what it is, Nigeria’s President Buhari is poorly advised and is unnecessarily allowing the country to take a most dangerous slide.

Mr President, perception is reality. The narrative is still yours to change!

Sir, you and your team at FMARD may want to take a look at the ranching models in Botswana and South Africa as part of a long term solution.


This post was written by Dr Victor Oladokun.

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