Biafra: The story of Biafra by Oluseun David Onigbinde

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Biafra: The story of Biafra by Oluseun David Onigbinde

3 stories about Nigeria. Here is the third story. The story of Biafra.

There are certain times people hold you firm in grieving moments to “Be A Man”. That you should not cry but soak it in less you shed your masculinity tied to not wailing. That’s how we treated Biafra. We have refused to mourn enough about it. We have took the path of trite statement – “No Victor No Vanguished!”

Walk to the center of Berlin near Brandeburg gate, there is a Jews Memorial site. In Kigali, there is Rwandan Genocide Memorial and even in the Smithsonian axis in Washington, the US tells its story of slavery, of its civil wars and era of depression.

These centers do not hide the scale of the carnage nor the height of the inhumanity of man to man. They show the gory pictures telling us to remember the ugly edges of war and why we should never comtemplate that now and in near future. There is a breaking in your spirit that pricks your spine that never again! never again! Opinion: The story of Biafra by Oluseun David Onigbinde

So how do we remember Biafra? How do we tell our young ones that truly a part of the country tried to severe itself from the whole and over 1 million Nigerians lost their lives? How do we show them the Ogbunigwe, rehearse to them the pathways of the war, the epic twin battles at Onitsha between the Murtala Mohammed army and that of Joseph Achuzie, the ambition of Banjo, the Asaba massacre, Adekunle Benjamin’s ruthlessness, the two refineries Biafra built in Umundugba and Uzoakoli, the radio station that spanned the entire region, their currency?

biafran_war How do we remind ourselves of the Uli airstrip that  handled the second highest number of flights in  Africa in that period next to Johanesburg. Why do  we forget that in three years, the Igbos harvested  their intellectual capital to build “ground to air  missiles, assault rifles, gun boats for amphibious  attacks,  rocket launchers, rocket propelled  grenades”?

Do we realise that every Igbo person was given only  20 pounds to start their lives with after the FG disbanded the Biafran currency and today they own sprawling businesses? That they were the leading lights of education with Professors Kenneth Dike and Eni Njoku VCs of the two Universities in Western Nigeria and trading was not just all they do?

So why did we not learn from Biafra? Why have we not shown how chaos reveals the ingenuity of man? That’s why when some people exclaim war in the current battle for Nigeria, they dont know what it means to eat your own flesh.

Where are the solemn pieces of history, the narrative of the existence and why we need to tell it to all that truly warring sides paused the war to watch Pele who visited the country in 1967.

For Mandela living in Ikoyi, to the strength of the Nigeria Airways, why don’t we tell our story? Why are we in a haste to forget history? We failed to grieve enough. We built a War Museum in Umuahia; pieces of warfare lay under tents, we built a place without a soul.

Like we built Abuja without an underground rail, we failed again to learn how Lagos became a chaos of everybody wanting to drive.
Nigeria, giant of Africa. We say it drunk from a cheap shot of hope.

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Umar Farouk

Nigeria wil forever defeat de so call biafra.


Such a useless comment from an illiterate who cannot even make a correct sentence


Farouk Umar! You are an uncircumcised animal. Your forebears have no known history of ingenuity rather they obtrude their insignificance by butchering and murdering unexpectant humans of contrary orientation. I thought that modernity have transformed your generation but, see you Farouk, in this twenty-first century talking like a cow. Ofcourse thats all your stock stands for, train cow, milk cow, eat cow and reason like cow. See now your utterances have betrayed you – coward.

Chelsea Albert Ifeanyi

We are the united state of africa. A land of hope. I’d u step ur leg in Biafra, ur problem is solved. Just the way it is in the state

Timothy Samuel

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Taiwo Setonji Joseph

after such article is posted and read by some, certain people will still not make wise and constructive comments.. #commonsense is not common.

Emeka Chiemerie Will

fair piece of writing, unbiased I say, there is something to learn in this writeup

Okekenta Gosife

How can idiots tell our very own story??? you cowards amaze me

Wisdom Aniude Samuel

Are u there? olusegun

Orji Stephen

If you don’t want someone around you, let them go. Let biafra go

Ngoesine Obelue

We want to go home

Mbachu Kelechi P

Great people