Opinion: No One is Expecting the Supreme Court to Pronounce Atiku Winner But…

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Opinion: No One is Expecting the Supreme Court to Pronounce Atiku Winner But...
No one is ever expecting the Supreme Court to pronounce Atiku winner but the point I believe they want to score has been achieved. I have been in that court all thru and for the first time I see Wole Olanipekun closing his case prematurely.
It is not for any reason beyond the fact that the key witness they produce rather than helping the matter threw spanner in the works. The old man that came to testify on certificate said the army never collected their papers, the WAEC/, Cambridge man said the certificate out president is holding is not from them. Abba Kyari was the funniest of the three when he said he brought picture of the graduating set of the president and under cross examination the question was asked ” is there a different between picture and certificate”?
He answered yes. The question was asked again ‘ can a picture stand in the place of certificate’ he said no. Simply making useless of his submission.
The main point here is that Nigeria Judiciary is on trial not Buhari VS Atiku again. In fact the certificate issue more than INEC server issue. At the end of the day it was discovered that no certificate was attached to Buhari’s INEC form, even no qualification in the CV tendered in court, yet this is defended tooth and nail by our elites, even journalists.
The wise ones after the revelation, has kept quiet because it is better to  be silent than stand for what you can’t tell your child tomorrow.
Wole Olanipekun (SAN) practically has nothing to  say again. INEC that conducted election did not call any witness to confirm that the election it conducted was credible. APC did not call any witness to argue that the election it won was credible. Only Buhari called witnesses who did more damage than good to his case.
So the matter has been settled.
Like I said, It is the judiciary that is on trial, not any other person. In the end the matter will be judged based on technicality which will now be the apex court overruling itself when it had earlier said matter should be on merit and not technicalities.
This issue is not about Buhari and Atiku, it is about the fabric of the nation. It is about building a credible and reliable judicial system..But again this is Nigeria where what our mouth is saying is contrary to what our mind believes.
Tunji Olanipekun
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