Opinion: #iStandWithBuhari – Why The Sudden Silence?

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Opinion: #iStandWithBuhari - Why The Sudden Silence?

A few weeks back, social media was awash with a campaign #iStandWithBuhari which was suppose to rally 9 million Nigerians to come out in support of President Buhari on 31st March 2016. All of a sudden however, this campaign seem to be dying a natural death a little over 3 weeks to the D-day. One can only ask – why the sudden silence?

According to the organizers of the event (who by the way Nigerians do not know), the #iStandWithBuhari campaign is an affirmative statement by Nigerians, in total support/solidarity with the actions & leadership methods of President Muhammadu Buhari to CHANGE Nigeria.

The major change issues listed are:

  • Fight Against Corruption.
  • Building A Stronger Economy
  • Good Governance Initiative
  • TSA Compliance
  • Zero Tolerance To Impunity

When one looks at the key points listed as some of the things President Buhari has either achieved or is on track to achieve, one can’t help but wonder if the organizers are having second thoughts.

Since this issues began, a lot of things have happened to really question the integrity and competence of this administration. Just to list a few of these occurrence, we can mention the following:

– The resurrection of the “technically defeated” Boko Haram.

– The budget scam now fondly called budgetgate.

– The free fall of the naira against the dollar.

– The continued attacks by Fulani herdsmen. The latest being the Agatu killings.

– Unresolved Fuel scarcity.

– Reneging on campaign promises etc.

Looking at the state of the nation and the lack of a clear and concise direction for any segment of the nation, be it economy, education or even the much touted fight against corruption, one can understand why the voices that shouted #iStandWithBuhari a few weeks ago have suddenly gone silent. The goodwill and support that President Buhari enjoyed is rapidly being replaced by disillusionment, anger and frustration.

It is important to say here that President Buhari can still turn things around for himself and his party. He should stop blaming the past administration and sit down to work. Call in and depend on technocrats. Your economic agenda for 1983 cannot be what you want to insist on in 2016.

President Buhari must understand that no man knows everything more so himself a 73 year old man who attested to the fact that his age would affect his performance. Nigerians need a messiah. They thought President Buhari was the man. Now they are wondering if they made a mistake.


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Shina Adegbite

Useless post by attention-seeking fools. If Buhari loves Nigeria as u claim, why is Buhari destroying our currency by receiving medical treatment abroad, by allowing his children to school abroad and spending holidays abroad? Do u knw how many foreign experts treat Buhari medically and d financial implications? Can he initiate a law to prohibit all these like Mahatma Ghandi did in India to raise Rupees value and boost their economy? U lack knowledge, seek it and it shall set u free· More · Just now

Onyeka Onyistone

were buhari supporters are dey not in dis group all are dey dead

Absalom Abdul Baba

This is purely igbokenu wall. No reasonable comments only anti Buharri rantings.

Clinton Chimah
How would they be standing with someone that flies all over the world instead of being at home to find a solution to economic problems?How would they stand with a man who has broken almost all his campaign promises?How would stand with a man who gives mute to fulani,unarmed Biafra agitations and ogoni killings?How would they stand with a man that uses security agents to intimidate his opposition and anybody who critizes him?How would they stand with a man that doesn’t mind what he says before the international media or community about Nigeria and its crises?How would they stand with… Read more »
Chibuike Kasarachi

where did they see him, today he’s in France, next USA, before u realize what is happening, he’s in Saudi Arebia. their eyes is now open…….gullible sycophants they are

Paul Nobert

Wen will u all stop standing with dat brainless creature Buhari. ??

Una leg no dey pain unaa ???

Godforbid for me to stand with an embarrasing creature.

Kigbu David

Buhari is just igorant of societal problems.

Gaji Kalvin

He should resign.

Gaji Kalvin

Buhari has no good records when it comes to leadership,he was once nigeria head of state,people suffered & now is suffering.

Alumona Chukwuebuka

up biafrans