Nigerian Senate Set New Record with 46 Bills Passed In 10 Minutes

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Nigerian Senate

It came as a shocking news to many when the Nigerian upper house today passed 46 bills into law in about 10 minutes. This was something totally unheard of. In moving the motion for the adoption of the 46 bills, Ita Enang who is the chairman of the senate committee on rules and business asked the upper house to implement order 1 (b) of the Senate Standing Order. This order allows the house to adopt special procedures on the bills.

The reason given for this course of action is that the lower house had already passed the bills which was simply passed on to the upper house for them to concur. In what is obviously an agreed move, the lower house is also said to given special procedures to bills sent to it from the upper house for concurrence.

With the coming eight assembly, the incoming APC dominated house and indeed political observers are busy scratching their head wondering what game, if any these senators are up to. The best anyone can do is speculate until all comes to light.

The National Assembly is sure to be a point of focus during the coming days as the new house takes over and elects its officers. All are watching as things unfold.

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