Nigeria: Who Really Is The Vice President? Osinbajo or El-Rufai?

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Nigeria: Who Really Is The Vice President? Osinbajo or El-Rufai?

It is clear to anyone who cares to be truthful to him or herself that the Vice President Professor Osinbajo is not and would not have been President Buhari’s choice. He was clearly a pawn in a chess game between the Asiwaju and the President. With everything happening now, questions are beginning to be asked. Who really is the Vice President? is it Osinbajo who was elected or El-rufai who appears to have the President’s ear and trust?

Osinbajo has been severally described as an errand boy who is excluded from some vital meetings. It is clear that El-Rufai sees himself as being closer to President Buhari than Osinbajo. According to a publication by Femi Aribisala, “The Vice-president was barred from attending a national security briefing on grounds he did not have security clearance. But who can have more clearance than a man elected by the people?”

In another case, the Vice President who is a Pastor was faced with an embarrassing situation where the Chapel in the Villa was locked barring him and others entrance for worship. The issue was later resolved. However, this points to some problems in the setup.

The APC has been trying to rebuff claims that there is serious rift between the elected Vice President and the “defacto” Vice President. In a publication by breaking times, a source was quoted as saying “As you know, if the position of veepee was appointed and not elected, Buhari would never have appointed a Southerner, a Christian for that matter to be his VP,” the source explained further. “The President, clearly, prefers and places more trust on El Rufai as far as matters of governance are concerned. El Rufai has played a key role in some of the President’s appointments. He nominated Amina Bala Zakari for appointment as Acting INEC Chairman forcing Buhari to go against Jega’s earlier decision and planted his Chief of Staff who is also the Founder of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, Hadiza Bala Usman inside President Buhari’s recently constituted Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee.”

President Buhari’s preference for Northerners is not in question. Having Asiwaju’s boy in his cabinet is certainly a bitter pill for him to swallow. How will this play out? Osinbajo has been described as “a burden of necessity” a term which seems to aptly describe the situation.

What is Osinbajo’s current contribution to this administration? Many have gone as far as wishing that lightening will strike twice at the same point. By this we mean a recurrence of what happened with President Umaru Yar’ Adua which resulted in the emergence of President Goodluck Jonathan. This appears to be some form of hopeful consolation for the seeming irrelevance of Osinbajo in this administration.

Can Osinbajo assert himself or will Buhari keep ignoring him, leaving him as a mere fixture around the Villa? A man who considers ministers to be noise makers must also believe he has no need for a Vice President especially since he has “great” northern minds like El-Rufai.

El-Rufai who was elected to govern Kaduna must understand what his first duty is. The people of Kaduna must indeed insist that their governor concentrate on his primary duty.

As Nigerians watch the unfolding drama, it will be interesting to see how the west and indeed the Asiwaju will respond to the puppetizing of their illustrious son. Will they say “half bread is better than nothing” or in the Nigerian parlance – Na at all, at all bad pass or will they seek to put their foot down and insist that democratic processes be fully observed?

Time only shall tell.

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Chiji Emmani

Is obvious n pls dnt be naive about it. Elrufai is more important to pmb compare to osibanjo dat is why elrufai belittle osibanjo in front of pmb, una no read d news. Yoruba r regretting but d can’t say it so dat pmb will not wipe dim koboko but mind u,en don wipe dem already in appointment

Rabiu Sani Kura

Whatever one will say this marriage has come to stay, yaruba /hausa for United nageria. The hypocrat should bury there face in Shame

Rotini Milano

Igbo people are just facebook warriors,you can only rant on fb and give dirty opinions that dont get anywia,you ibo people can never rule nigeria or be vice president in this country again,una no relevant na only fb ina dey rant….Nonsense useless gullible tribe.Wey ojukwu single handedly lead to war for no reason.Follow follow money worshippers.They will just see pictures or hear propaganda news on facebook and give nonsense comments.Your tribe is not relevant in this govt and the next trust me.Baby factory people wey no sabi thier generations

Yusuf Ali

Na ojuku b vp mumu ppl like igbo

Bunmi Odeleye


Nancy Ekereuwem


Nancy Ekereuwem

Both of them

Proudly Asaba


Goodlucky Igharo

El-Rufai is the vice president osibanjo is a rubber stamp.

Hardewaley Joseph Oke

Osibanjo nw