Nigeria: We Will Get Ekweremadu Down By All Means – Igbokwe

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We will get Ekweremadu down by all means

An obviously upset Joe Igbokwe while speaking on a live Political Program on Channels Television on Sunday July 5 2015 made both his views and those of his party on the current crises in the APC and NASS known. Mr Joe Igbokwe who is the Publicity Secretary of the APC Lagos had some very strong things to say.

According to Igbokwe, they are not too bothered about the House of Representatives. Their biggest issue is the emergence of Ike Ekweremadu as the Deputy Senate President in an APC led government. Beating his chest in a show of both anger and disgust he said “We will get him down by all means possible.” This statement whether made in anger or in haste does not portend well for Nigeria’s democracy.

In a different program, the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP has raised alarm, saying that Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s life was in danger. Mr Metuh continued by saying that the APC is doing anything possible to ensure that Ekweremadu is removed. The options incldue attempts on his life or working with the Police to bring spurious allegations against Ekweremadu. The Police has come out to deny this but it however confirmed that a petition was sent to the IG of Police by an APC lawmaker alleging that the house rules were changed illegally.

If Mr Igbokwe’s speech is anything to go by, one may be tempted to take a closer look at the allegations made by the PDP against the APC. “We will bring him down by any means possible” is not a statement that should be made in a democratic situation especially for an election that was conducted in line with the constitution of the land.

Is there an end in sight to this crises in the NASS? Will this be the beginning of the end of the APC or will they rally and come out stronger? Only time shall tell.

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Hassan Yati

Let’s see how Mr ibokwei will do it. Old brain

Eli Dangana

Trying to kill him rite or how do you want to do it?

Igbasan Toyin


Dele Samuel

I dnt know wot dis Apc are doing, instead of facing d reality. Dey started messin around. Challenging dia d whole Federation. WE SHALL C

Inusa Musa

Gud citizen a patroitic nigerian.

Abubakar Adams Da Igwe

In Shaa Allah

Edmund Ibrahim

Ekweremadu should resign for Ndigbo to benefit in this administration.

Festus Sonny Okafor

Since Ekweremadu is there what benefits did he brought to igbos? Absolute nothing only his personal interest and his family, let him go and die. Many igbo youths are jobless after graduation from school and he never say anything about that is it when he retired from active politics he’ll do something.

Ikechukwu Ojukwu

Man does not live by food alone. remember Esue and Jacob. Do not sell your birth right cos of food or enjoyment of the fresh my good brother

Festus Sonny Okafor

If a notherner or a westerner can provide food on my table let it be so…

Ikechukwu Ojukwu

Is it when he is removed and replaced with northern or western that it will benefit the Igbos. Think well and right always. It is southeast position and south easternia should occupy it. Let Igbokwe come and occupy it no problems

Uche Okos

Your dead@igbokwe.

Stephen Idenyi

But Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii