Nigeria: Treasury Practically Empty – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has lamented the state of near emptiness in which he met the nation’s treasury. Addressing news men on his first day working from the Presidential Villa, he noted that while the treasury was almost empty, there were huge debts to settle and on top of this, workers were being owed.

He said it was disgraceful for Nigeria to be owing her workers and pleaded with the media to help his administration with the news they disseminate. Mr President is under pressure to perform and he knows this very well. The escalating issue of unpaid salaries in many states has been a source of concern around the country. Many incoming governors are singing the same refrain about meeting empty treasuries. Now that the Federal government has joined, who will bell the cat?

Mr President will be meeting with the state governors tomorrow June 23 2015 to look at the issue of unpaid salaries. If some governors were hoping to be bailed out by the federal government, they may be in for some big disappointment.

Nigerians are not at all happy with this development as they are accusing all concerned of using their funds for political campaigns. Sadly, almost every state simply sits back to await their monthly allocation. This is a rude wake up call to the affected states. Rather than sitting down to wait for monthly allocations, more efforts should be made to increase their IGR.

Nigerians are watching to see how the new government will manage this crisis of empty treasuries.

President Buhari looking dazed

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