Nigeria: The Biafran Issue – Beyond Nnamdi Kalu by Obioma Nwogu

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The Biafran Issue - Beyond Nnamdi Kalu

The Biafran issue goes beyond the present continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the accompanying protests and attendant condemnation of the cause. All these amount to treating eczema in the face of leprosy.

The resurfaced agitation for Biafra after 45 years of the civil war is a deep question mark on the Nigeria’s state as a nation.

The real agitators for Biafra are not the Uwazuruikes, Nnamdi Kanus and the Biafran street protesters. They are the Igbo diaspora intelligentsia. Rich, urbane, educated, widely exposed and globally informed. First, they can not understand why countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea not blessed with mineral resources, got their independence almost at the same time with Nigeria are today among the most developed countries of the world, whereas Nigeria with its vast and abundant mineral and human resources are among the poorest of the world. The reason is simple: the type of our federalism is such that discourages innovation, creativity and productivity. It encourages laziness, breeds corruption and nurtures nepotism. And these new breed of Igbo intelligentsia are saying that if we as a nation can’t move forward and develop like our contemporaries, then allow us to develop at our own pace as a region or better still as an independent nation. With just our human capital alone, we will meet up with these our contemporaries within 10 years.

Secondly, they are questioning the injustice, inequity and discrimination against the Igbo people in Nigeria. How do you, for instance, explain a situation whereby a child from Anambra or Imo who scores a whopping 137 in national common entrance exams is denied admission in federal unity schools whereas his/her classmates from Jigawa or Zamfara who scores just 9 or even 2 are offered admission, among many others. Why?

These are issues the Nigerian nation should be addressing instead of condemning the agitation for Biafra. As long as these systemic flaws and inadequacies are there, there can never be an end to these agitations.

The solution actually lies in a sovereign national conference in which these new Igbo diaspora intelligentsia will represent the Igbo people. Ignoring this emerging quest will surely spell doom to our national existence.


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Peter Obi

Chai, Oyibo man has join the poor hungry and frustrated idiot to agitate for the bloody and dead biafra….

Shittu Kunle

Make them come home come protest

Hen Ry
Old men are the future leader and not youths again but I was told by my father when I was just 7 year of age that children are the future leader but revise is the can old old men be leading us in all erea in our country from the high to the low are all old men brethren pls where are the future leaders.they rather use the future leaders to campaign and kill their opposition’s and gain entrance to office and leave the future leaders with gun’s and machete’s at hand.why should the old force the young to… Read more »
Demaria Kings

so proud to be an igbo rapper so proud to be a biafran fuck you #Buhari Biafra we must rule

Moses Chibueze Uko


Uguru Nnamdi

one day it must be ????

Tahiru Yakubu

What connection has this white man with Biafra? He must be an Israeli, those ISIS founders who disguise themselves as muslims in order to harm the religion and its followers…..

Anucha Tochi

Akeju ur father is d MUMU of our time

Chyboy Swizz Tune

de avnt seen notin…. #BiafraOrNotin

Musejama Raji