Nigeria: Stolen Funds Returned by Treasury Looters – Buhari

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Nigeria: Stolen Funds Returned by Treasury Looters - Buhari

President Buhari has once again gone to a foreign land to bare his mind on Nigerians and Nigerian issues as he has been doing since his inauguration. In his latest soul baring session in far away Iran, President Buhari once again found it necessary to try to impress his hosts and the Nigerian community in Iran that his government is doing great while those before him were thieves. According to him, those who looted the treasury have started returning their loot.

President Buhari made this known while addressing the Nigerian community in Iran . According to him, those who looted funds under the Goodluck Jonathan administration have started returning their loot. This statement alone raises some issues. First, did people only loot money during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s time?

It is on record that funds were misappropriated during President Buhari’s time at the PTF. What happened to those? Abacha looted funds, (Buhari denies this), IBB looted funds and is still alive. OBJ looted funds and is still alive. The question is: who did not loot funds and why is it only those who looted during GEJ’s time that are supposedly returning their loot.

This administration appears to be bent on tarnishing the image of the last administration as much as it can. It has spent more time talking about GEJ and his administration than it has spent giving direction for its own government. Sadly though, only one person of all the corrupt people is being tried currently.

According to President Buhari, the obvious delay in prosecuting these corrupt Nigerians is as a result of the pain staking process his government is taking to gather hard evidence against these people. One would however wonder why nothing has been done about APC stalwarts who hard evidence have been brought against.

He said “on corruption; yes, they are still innocent. But, we are collecting documents and some of them have started voluntarily returning something. But we want all. When we get those documents, we will formally charge them to court and then we will ask Nigerians to know those who abused their trust when they are entrusted with public funds. So, the day of reckoning is gradually approaching.”

It is heartening to hear that people are beginning to return stolen funds. Much kudos must be given to Buhari for this anyhow he achieved it, whether by his now popular body language or by arm twisting. Either way, stolen funds are being returned. As gladdening as this news is, there is reason to pose and ponder.

If funds are being returned, how is the record for these returned funds kept? How much has been returned and where are the returned funds? This is a democracy and all such financial matters must be open at least for the house of assembly. If funds are being returned in secret and all we hear are vague insinuations and claims, we may be setting ourselves up for another set of missing funds.

Unless the government comes out openly to say how much is being returned and where the funds are being channeled to, Nigerians will keep taking these claims with a pinch of salt. For the sake of transparency, these returned funds should be made public.

President Buhari continued his self appraisal by talking about the power sector. He said  “I believe if you are in touch back at home, you would have been told that already there is some improvement in power. We haven’t said anything to them yet. I think they only find it sensible or appropriate for them to try and improve the power.

“I’m sure you know about the privatization of the power sector; your old friends NEPA or Power Holding Company of Nigeria have been sold to a number of interest groups. But, the fundamental thing about us is that we remain potential in everything except performance.

“We have a lot of gas, we have a lot of qualified people but again we have a lot of saboteurs who go and blow installations. Those who normally steal Nigerian crude and those who blow up installations, whether they called themselves militants or whatever, they are still there.”

President Buhari clearly believes so much in his body language. The light situation improved during the raining season as it does every year. With the emergence of the dry season, the light situation is getting back to the usual horrible state. This give credence to the claims in some quarters that the improved light situation some weeks back was not the result of his body language but of the raining season we were in.

Interestingly, president Buhari made no mention of the current worldwide agitation of some Nigerians for the actualization of Biafra. The leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu still remains in detention. One would have thought that such a global issue will warrant some comment from Mr President in his session with Nigerians in Iran.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

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Joycometh Matthew Aminci

Through their comments we shall know them, therefore i know the tribes ar commenting this comments and through their name shall identify the enemies of PUB, long life Baba.

Imoh Achia

What a pedofile lieing

Oloye David Olabode

Bravo! Buhari. Well done. If they cooperate with u and return the stolen money, there is no need of prosecutlng them. If they refuse to return the stolen money, deal with them ruthlessly. No mercy for them. Nothing will happen. Their supporters are toothless dogs. They are barking for nothing.

Tari Magdalene

Propaganda again? Buhari, when will you all these?

Igboanugo Christian Chinedu

Where are those stolen money, we want to see them.

Uchenna Jude Chijioke

A liar will not be believed even if he speaks the truth.

Anele Lemchukwu

Who r they n hw much hv they returned. Y accuse d judiciary of aiding looters?

Uchechukwu Theresa

He distributed the returned loot among Nigerians. My friend Etuwe Chukwutem Newton got the largest share. You can beg him for a little pottage.

Etuwe Chukwutem Newton

Lolz… You couldn’t have been more ridiculous of Mr. President

Chidi Godswill Nwankwo

U are a lie i have never see in my life

Lofty Insight

Can’t we know their names and the amounts claimed to have been returned. Shameless lair!!!