Nigeria: Osun Workers Say No to One Month Salary

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Osun workers reject one month salary

In a bid to calm the frayed nerves of Osun civil servants who have been owed about 8 months salary by the Aregbesola led government, the government offered to start by paying one month our of what is owed. Responding to this, the civil servants roundly rejected this offer, saying that they wanted the payment of their full arrears.

A cross section of civil servants who spoke on the issue, strongly condemned the government for the action that some of them considered to be very inconsiderate and insensitive to the plight of the thousands of workers who have been owed about eight months.  The workers were expecting the governor to make good on his promise. Aregbesola had on June 14 promised to pay off the backlog of owed salaries by the end of June.

Speaking on the issue, the state Mr Jacob Adekomi, Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress confirmed that the government had approved the payment of December salaries and about 30% of the November salaries of those who were owed part of their November salaries. Adekomi however noted that this payment not withstanding, the strike embarked upon by the state’s civil servants since May 26 2015, will not be called off.

Governor of the state Rauf Aregbesola has been on the hot sit for months now on the issue of the unpaid salaries. His latest woes included the call by a judge for his impeachment. There are allegations that he spent state funds on the last elections for the APC.

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Chimerenka Odimba

I guess this is a case of half bread being better than pof pof. I can’t imagine being owed for that long.