Nigeria: Nigerians Still Await Appointment of “Noise Makers” – Ministerial List

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Nigeria: Nigerians Still Await Appointment of "Noise Makers" - Ministerial List

Everyone knows that Buhari has no respect for Ministers who he disdainfully called “Noise Makers.” People are now also calling him a noise makers since all he has done since he took office has been mainly talking. About 3 days to the end of September, Nigerians are still waiting for President Buhari to appoint his minsters as he promised. Is this going to be another addition to the now growing list of failed promises or promises denied?

As the end of September looms and we get set to mark Nigeria’s 55th anniversary as a country, it will appear that Nigerians will not get their wish to have ministers appointed so a government can be formed. Even if the President were to send in his ministerial list to the Senate, it is unlikely that the Senate will be able to vet the list before the end of September.

President Buhari had promised to appoint his ministers this month. Many Nigerians are not holding their breathe because Buhari has been linked to a whole lot of broken promises in recent times. The Presidency could once again deny making any such promise.

For a President who promised to fight corruption and obey the rule of law, it is not clear when President Buhari will realize that he is currently violating the constitution by operating as a Sole Administrator. The governance of Nigeria appears to be going through a “trial and error” phase, with policies made today and reversed tomorrow.

The constitution is clear on the role of Ministers and those of Civil Servants. Despite Mr President’s preference for civil servants who he had also at one time called “lazy”, it is not his preference that matters but the rule of law.

Nigerians are now watching as the “fight against corruption” has been ably employed to destabilize the Senate. There are speculations that this – aside from being another attempt at removing Saraki – is also an attempt at making it difficult for the Senate to vet the Ministerial list even if presented.

Serious allegations have been made against Fashola, Amechi, Tinubu and other APC henchmen but no attempt has been to investigate how much more prosecuting them. The fight against corruption must indeed be encouraged. Saraki should be made to pay for all his sins. This however should not stop the appointment of ministers.

The position of Mr President on Ministers and Permanent secretaries makes one wonder if Mr President actually understands how to fight corruption. When talking about corruption in ministries, the civil servants are the custodians of the system of corruption. They actually are the ones who know “The Way” to make funds disappear.

The rule of law as stipulated in the constitution must be followed. The appointment of ministers is not a choice but an obligation that Mr President is bound by the constitution to obey. It is now time for the National Assembly and other well meaning Nigerians to begin to force Mr President to obey the constitution and appoint ministers.

It is really sad that of the over 170 million Nigerians Buhari is the only incorruptible man. His pseudo asset declaration attests to his incorruptibility. Prior to the elections he owned no houses in Abuja. After the elections he now owns a mini estate in Abuja worth over N30billion. Prior to the elections, he had no liquid cash so he borrowed N27million Naira from First Bank for his nomination form. After the elections he has N30million cash in a Union Bank account which happens to be where he has his only account and not the First Bank from where he got his loan.

It is an insult to Nigeria and Nigerians for President Buhari to continue to parade himself as a saint while the rest of Nigerians are sinners. Unless President Buhari has a hidden agenda that the appointment of Ministers will thwart, he should go ahead and appoint ministers so the business of governance can commence fully.

Businesses are complaining everyday. The economy is directionless driving away billions in investment. President Buhari, please do the needful. Appoint ministers and let’s move this country forward.

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Holufhunke Hesther

Like seriously bro Tusin,am enjoying him too.

Odoemene Kingsley

Yes. AIC has said it that ‘the class prefect is ready to submit the list of noise makers’

Justine Ukwuoma Nwabueze

Wellcome 2 d zoo animal kingdom so call nigeria

Evelyn Eshiet

I like noise bring the noise makers

Uche Okos

I am just still asking for mr,mohamad buhari, primary school certificate, by rigging buhari, to power nigerians the zoo, has dig their grave.

Oladokun Oluwaseyi Olayemi

We want to listen to their noise

Chijioke Chukwu

Take A Luk At This Pix, He Luks Like An Angry Imbecile.

Kuboye Tusin

Baba am enjoy u.

Zaro Cletus Chaubwana

Buhari or wahala!

Ginikachi Nnamani

buhari …… how may times did i call you ?? stop adopting poverty in this country because that’s what you are doing