Nigeria: NASS Finally Experiences Some Calm

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NASS Experiences some calm
NASS Experiences some calm

To many Nigerians, the occurrence at the NASS upon its resumption was more of an anti-climax. With the inability of the members and factions to reach a compromise as at Monday night, many Nigerians expected fireworks to once again fly upon the house’s resumption on Tuesday. The seeming calm that the house is now finally experiencing was not what many Nigerians really expected.

Mr. Sani Zoro who is the Chairman, House Ad hoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs hailed the occurrence as a triumph of democracy. He continued by saying that the members had shown their maturity by their ability to finally resolve the issue amicably.

Honourable Dogara announced the four remaining principal officers on Tuesday July 28 2015 after the house had concluded its session for the day. With the heightened tension and uncertainties that had trailed this resumption, people had thought the announcement would be made before the session started. Members however waited patiently until the end of their sitting when Dogara was then ready to read out the names of the remaining principal officers.

After deliberations, consultations and concessions, the warring parties finally agreed to share the remaining four offices equally amongst themselves, The most contentious issue which was the issue of the South-west not having a slot among the four positions was resolved, leading to the emergence of Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila as majority leader of the house. The position was earlier zoned to the North-west.

The other positions were shared as follows:

Deputy Leader – Hon. Buba Jibrin (North-Central)
Chief Whip       – Hon. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa (North-West)
Deputy Whip   – Hon. Pally Iriase (South-South)

The North-east already has a position which is that of the Speaker so also does the South-west which has already produced the deputy speaker. With this announcement, the South-west now has two positions meaning that the South-east was the sacrificial lamb used in the settlement.

Nigerians are happy that some calm has returned to the House of Representatives. They are now expected to concentrate on their duties which is making laws. Meanwhile, attention will shift to the upper house where the simmering issue of the emergence of Senator Okubukola Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu as President and Deputy President of the Senate respectively has been the course of serious bad blood within the APC.

There have been allegations from one end of the upper house to the other. On the one hand, forgery is being alleged and on the other hand attempts at  intimidation are being alleged. As the NASS settles down to their sworn duties, Nigerians will be watching to see what unfolds.

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