Nigeria: Najatu Muhammad Rejects Buhari’s Appointment – Says She Was Not Consulted

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Nigeria: Najatu Muhammad Rejects Buhari's Appointment - Says Was Not Consulted

Following the spate of dismissals currently being experienced by several top government functionaries, many people have smiled into new positions. This is not the case with Najatu Muhammad who rejected her appointment by President Buhari as the chairperson of the governing council of the Federal University, Dutse (FUD).

This rejection will come as a shock to many who have always known Najatu Muhammad as a staunch Buhari supporter. Given her reasons for the rejection, she made this statement in an advert published in a national daily.

“I, Najatu Muhammad, wishes to thank you so much for considering me worthy of being appointed the chairperson of Dutse Federal University. It’s however, unfortunate that I was not consulted before the announcement in the media. I also regret that I have to use the same medium to announce that I can’t accept the appointment for some personal reasons. I will however remain an ardent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari in his effort in charting a new course for this country. A course that we pray will put this country back on the path of progress. I will also continue to support the presidents fight against corruption and other ills of this country. My unflinching support for the President will remain for Allah’s sake and country. I pray that Allah will continue to guide and protect our President. “Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria,”

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Audu Isah

you can go to hell baba will rule more than 4yrs okey

Yunusa Shehu

No course for alarm,she’s on her own

Jacob Onyemaechi Anyanwu

Just for her to avoid looth and die.

Ayeni Oduitan

Do u want to serve Buhari or Nigeria

Bassey Otu

In as much as I am not privy to your personal reasons for rejecting the appointment, I appreciate you for your courage and sincerity in taking your stance. Nigeria needs principled people like you in every sphere if we must progress. It is my sincere wish that Mr. President will take it in good faith.

Sola Latunde Akindele

Abubarker,you are right,,,GOD bless you.

Mayor Oigbochie Eramezele

Wise woman

Ola Badmos

Please i dont want to see dis Najatu post againe

Ebi Ogolo

We still have women of integrity in this country.

Sidney Madu Nyeche

Look u can reject an offer for what ever God given reasons but the manner of notification of her rejecting the offer is of concern and lacks respect to Mr president dnt need to see u personally before appointing u to an office,the media is one such way of communicating to person (s) but hear her.I was not consulted and it was through news I got to know, I hve to use the news to tell him I reject the sure if she was announced in the news as a minister,there will be no rejection