Nigeria: Ministry of Finance Has No Details of Recovered Loot – Adeosun

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Nigeria: Ministry of Finance Has No Details of Recovered Loot - Adeosun

The recently appointed Finance Minister Mrs Kemi Adeosun has come out to state clearly that the ministry of finance has yet to receive details of whatever recovered looted funds President Buhari had been alluding to. Mrs Adeosun made this statement on Friday after the meeting of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) in Abuja.

Mrs Adeosun was forced to comment on the issue when journalists asked her about the recovered loot President Buhari spoke about in far away Iran during his official visit to the country. Her safe response was simply that Mr President had yet to provide her ministry with the details of the recovered loot.

Questions have been raised since President Buhari made this assertion. The questions include among others: how much has been recovered, where are the recovered funds, who were the funds recovered from etc.

With this statement by the nation’s finance minister, one will be forced to ask yet another question. If the ministry of finance has no details of the recovered loot, who then does? President Buhari gave Nigerians the impression that he was working the permanent secretaries before the appointment of the ministers.

If the finance minister does not have the details of the much talked about recovered funds, then it follows that neither does the permanent secretary for the finance ministry as the finance minister would have been properly briefed upon assumption of office. We can also infer from this that Mr President was not working with the Perm. Secretaries as he would have Nigerians believe.

Nigerians are watching and waiting. If funds have really been recovered, we hope they do not disappear in the current suspicious layout we are seeing.


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Gregory Aideyan

A president dat said dat he borowed money 2 buy president tícket but 2 day he declare billion of naira asect norther farmer donate fifty billion for buhari campaign i said intresting

Theodore Emmanuel Novon

so,the man is telling lies to nigerians ! or is it secret returns of the looted funds? chai,we are finished under mr “ruler”!

Tompson Thompson

Can any good thing come from nazarite?

Damina Martins Egirani

How can a sitting president lie to d world. Illiteracy is at work.

Chukwunonso Agu

Bunch of criminal u & ur boss must be probe barggers.

James Egioluse

Where is lie lie mohammed

Bonny Njoku

Good woman

Charles Aroguma

Y should I comment on Buhari’s matter wen I am agitating for a sovereign nation of my own? I am not a confused man nd I don’t want to b.

Octavia Irehovbude Agbonghale

When ur boss comes back ask n tell Nigerians

Nathan Ahmadu Furo

It means you are out already Hon. minister, just wait for when it will be communicated to you in paper.

Ifeoma Dike

Nathan so because she is saving her integrity buhari should sack her,see ur mentality