Nigeria: Kogi Elections – Audu to Return N11 Billion Stolen Funds If Re-elected

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Nigeria: Kogi Elections - Audu to Return N11 Billion Stolen Funds If Re-elected

In a rather twisted sense of logic, the Kogi State APC Chairman has promised that their gubernatorial aspirant – Prince Audu Abubakar – who is seeking a second term in office will return the N11 billion he is alleged to have stolen during his first tenure if he is re-elected.

Alhaji Hadi Ametuo the Kogi State APC chairman continued by saying that “Nobody is a saint. No governor can claim he has not done any malpractice or stolen anything during his time in the office.” He gave examples of Saraki and Tinubu.

A statement such as this Coming from a party that has hinged its propaganda on anti-corruption and change shows that it was all for show. Note that the party chairman is not denying that their aspirant stole N11 billion belonging to the state. He only promises that the funds will be returned to the state “if” Audu is re-elected.

What we can infer from this is that if he is not re-elected, he will not return the money. This sounds more like a threat than an appeal or campaign. Will President Buhari swing into action and begin the prosecution of Audu so as to ensure that the good people of Kogi state are delivered from the hands of this obviously very corrupt man and an equally corrupt and inept state party chairman?

Buhari has sworn to give corruption a bloody nose. It is however sad that so far, there has been nothing but vendettas and political manouvers hidden under the guise of fighting corruption. Here is one open example that the APC and President Buhari should use to show the world that they really mean business with the fight against corruption.

If the APC is indeed fighting corruption as they would want the world to believe, then Prince Audu Abubakar cannot be their gubernatorial candidate for Kogi state. If he has promised to return the money, it means he has accepted that he stole it.

People like El-rufai and Adams Oshiomole have been making lots of noise about the massive corruption that went on during former president Goodluck Jonathan’s time. They have however never said anything about the massive corruption in APC states.

Like Nigerians would say – Who is fooling who?

Source: Daily Post

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Peter Okon

Stands “Accused”?????????
Yet “Suspect”?????????
Arraigned in Court yet?????????
If yes.
I hope the Court should hasten to Convict him or Free him before the Election. Else, History will have a Lot to Tell the Generation yet Unborn.

Owuzo Ikechukwu

If this Government is not Selective in the fight against corruption, what is EFCC waiting for in this area of this man & his conditions……..?

James Adebayo

He has agree that he steal money while in office as governor

Regina Ebi
I think buhari should be impeched imedately if he dares any from of rubbish by re-elect this miscripiant into office! Infact efcc should arrest that mallam mugu imedately wat give him the gouts to insult nigerians wat an arrogant statement! Were is NBA plz sue this animal call Audu ogbeh this is arrant nonsens! Buhari must not insult his intergity by riddiculing nigerians else nigerian will throw an crash his govt like a park of card ! Wat did he audu ogbeh forgot in govt wat is happen have we lost our minds dear nigerian it tym to raise against… Read more »

the man resemble armed robber sef

Wilson Amodu

Audu has done alot for us in kogi state,i bliv pdp in kogi re tryin to condem him,dat man has dne so much for kogi as whole so go to hell u haters.

Felix Okwuagbala

And GMB will make him minister if he lose election. #change

Okechukwu Messie

If d comment said to made by APC kogi state chairman is true, the question here is “where will Audu get d money he ll use to refund? Maybe from thesame government purse or his salary! Chai! We don enter One chance!!!

Agom Ayi

As he was not re-elected, that mean he went free, is it so ?

Kelvin Klinbert Okon

Ugly bleaching idiot…. it seems buhari didn’t hear about this