Nigeria: Kidnappers and Armed Robbers, Products of MASSOB – Hassan Karma

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Nigeria: Kidnappers and Armed Robbers, Products of MASSOB - Hassan Karma

Mr Hassan Karma, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police has said that the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) was producing kidnappers and armed robbers. He made this statement while parading alleged members of the group who were arrested by the police.

Mr Karma sad that MASSOB was breeding these criminal and for that reason, the police was not going to allow them operate in the state. He noted that they did not have the backing of the law and can therefore not operate like an authority unto themselves.

According to Mr Karma, over 50 of these alleged members of MASSOB were arrested by the police. Of this number, 27 were said to have been arrested at Okpoko where they allegedly held a Catholic priest hostage to pray for them. 28 others were arrested in Nnewi.

The group has said that the government cannot stop their activities as they were non-violent.

The group appears to be facing a multi-pronged attack as the residence of the group’s leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike was overun by men of the Imo State Police Command.

Speaking on the issue, Mazi Chris Mocha, MASSOB’s National Director of Information said “If Olusegun Obasanjo could not stop MASSOB in the eight years he was in power, Buhari also cannot stop us.”

The group which was to have their scheduled monthly meeting at the residence of Chief Uwazuruike was unable to do so due to Police presence. Chief Uwazuruike said “we were supposed to hold our national meeting today (Tuesday) but I was informed that policemen have taken over the venue. I wonder what the police is doing there because MASSOB members are not criminals or thugs, they do they disturb anyone.”

He went on to say that workers at the Ojukwu Center were unable to gain access to their offices.

The Imo State Police Command through its spokes person Andrew Enwerem said they were not witch hunting the group. He said they were only following the instructions of the Inspector-General of Police to increase visibility in the states. According to him, they were simply trying to flush out criminal elements.

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Emmanuel Bassey
Emmanuel Bassey

We kown that those who surffared doing the Braffran/Naigerian war was not looked after thanks.

Dike Sunday
@Hassan&Ahmed, you must be all ashamed of your stupidities! Look at you two, and host of other fools like minds, ingrats biting the finger the fed you people. you arrants! Well, i will not blame you idiots, it’s just because we are all in this Gaddem entity called fake & useless one Nigeria. That’s reason why you fools can always stand up in our face to the effontry & guts to call Igbos names! Ask peopl leaving in the Norths what they are seeing everyday of their life, plenty Nonsense! So much distractions! Boko Haram mence have made Nigeria, to… Read more »
Ojeli Uriel Chinedeze Patrick

Hassan u r an animal. So evry kidnapper is 4rm d south-east? God punish u.

Stephens Evarich Sunday

Hassan in as much as i don’t endorse MASSOB u’re very stupid to make that comment……bcz if that’s case BOKO HARAM is the products of U northaners !!

Nneka Alaeke Akah

And boko haram is product of what,brain washed cow talking trash,i

Donald Ogbonna

And nigeria terrorist is the product of Hassan Kamai-De. Don

Joshua Nnamuka

Boko haram,torrorists and a killer president products of Arewa

Joice Michael

Blood sucking idiot,rapist.

Nonso Obiefuna

For Dat Mental Retarded Gay,dat Play Nd Mock Wit Christ Name (JESUS) Biafran Freedom Is Now Assured. Hassan Karma De Little Power U Inheritd Yrstaday Has Start 2 Intosticate U. Pls Knw Dat De Seat Is Nt Permanent. Biafra Is My Fada-land