Nigeria: If Yoruba’s Are Pushed to The Wall, There Will Be Consequences – Fani Kayode

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Nigeria: If Yoruba's Are Pushed to The Wall, There Will Be Consequences - Fani Kayode

Yoruba leaders met to discuss the situation in the country as it concerns the Yorubas. One of the main thing discussed was the raiding and destruction of their farms by Fulani herdsmen, the same people accused of the kidnap of Chief Olu Falae. Speaking after the meeting, Fani Kayode stated that if the Yoruba’s were pushed to the wall, there will be consequences.

His statement reads as follows:

“I am delighted that the Yoruba leaders met in Ibadan today and that they had a historic and successful meeting. I was scheduled to attend the meeting myself and I was slated to address the gathering. We left Abuja for Ibadan in a long convoy at 5.00 a.m in the morning but between Lokoja and Okene the road was completely blocked. We were stuck in the logjam for over four hours and by the time we got to Ibadan the meeting had ended.

“Even though we didn’t make it in time I was fully briefed about the meeting and I am very happy about its’ success and outcome. I fully support all the resolutions that were made and I am very proud of all those leaders that participated in it and of the conveners.

“What they have done is long overdue and it is important that we keep it up. The Yoruba must come together and stand united against those that seek to divide, shame and humiliate us and who wish to turn us into second class citizens.

“We must also be ready to defend our territory and our people when and where the government fails in its sacred duty to do it for us. Self-help and self-defense is not a crime but a necessity. We cannot be anyone’s sacrificial lamb.

“This meeting is a step in the right direction and I hope that those who kill, maim, rape and humiliate our people and desecrate our homes and land in the name of cattle-rearing get the message. Things can never be the same again and as long as they continue to kill and attack our people there can never be peace between us.

“Let this meeting be a warning to those that underestimate our resolve in this matter and that mistake our kindness and patience for weakness. The message is loud and clear: if and when we are pushed to the wall we know exactly what to do. The killings, the rapings, the abductions and the desecration and pillaging of our land and farms by these Fulani herdsmen must stop or else there will be consequences.”


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Dan Gift

There wl b no consequences…go n pair wt ur Aboki ppl.

John Adigwu

A foolish thought

Jerry Nwogu

They are nothing.

Bamidele Adewunmi

This druggie should just shut a heck up

Zaharaddeen Abusameer AhmadGirei

Kolo mental!!!

Alexander Olusegun Ogunlana

Shut up. Are you a Yorubaman? Who be you talk for Yorubas? We are one in Nigeria. No to that call.

Ademola Salau


Edoghogho Marius Uwa

Who appointed him as spokesperson for Yoruba’s?he should get busy with something meaningful.

Samson O Emeka

Yoruba too gentle.