Nigeria: Former President Goodluck Jonathan Stays Mute

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Nigerians have been expecting to hear from former President Goodluck Jonathan but he has chosen to remain mute. Journalists have tried to get his views on current political issues to no avail. He has chosen not to say anything even when several allegations have been leveled against his administration by the current administration.

This information as made available by Mr Reuben Abati when he was in an article reminiscing on his days as the Special Adviser on media to the President. According to Mr Abati, President Jonathan said he was resting and not ready to say anything. This is in character with the former president.

This administration has come under severe criticism for being slow or totally inactive. The economy appears to be getting worse with prices of food stuff climbing, the naira falling daily and Boko Haram attacks getting more intense and bloody. There is a lot that President Goodluck could have said if he chose to.

Will he every be ready to talk? If he ever is, many Nigerians will certainly want to hear what he has to say.

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