Nigeria: Former CSO to Goodluck Jonathan, Gordon Obuah Still in Detention

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Former CSO to GEJ still in detention

The family and friends of the former Chief Security Officer of President Goodluck Jonathan, Gordon Obuah have raised alarm regarding his continued detention. Mr Obuah was arrested by the DSS on Thursday. According to reports, since his arrest he has been in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer or his family.

The charges against Mr Obuah are connected to oil bunkering. He is accused of aiding oil bunkering. If these are the charges, it is not clear why he has not been officially charged. The law states that a person is innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Not granting him  access to his lawyers is a gross violation of his fundamental human right.

Speaking on this and other issues, the Ijay Youth Council said “The IYC also decries the gradual slide to dictatorship as exemplify by the reckless arrest and detention of Nigerians who served under President Jonathan such as Col. Dasuki and Mr. Obuah without due process.”

They further went on to note that “It is illegal and unconstitutional for Mr. Obuah, former Chief Security Officer to President Jonathan to be detained in underground cell without access to his family members and Lawyers.” They concluded by saying “We urge President Buhari not to take us back to the days of dictatorship. We are not in military dictatorship but in a democratic setting where things are done according to the rule of law.”

Nigerians are eager for President Buhari to fight corruption as he promised during his campaigns. It is however hoped that these fight against corruption will be lawful, follow due process and not be selective or vindictive in nature as some have accused him of doing.

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