Updated: Former CSO to Goodluck Jonathan Not Dead!!!

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Former CSO to GEJ Gordon Obuah dies in DSS custody

Earlier today, it had been widely reported that the Former CSO to President Goodluck Jonathan had died in detention. This report sparked off wide spread criticism and outrage. Following this reports, the DSS brought forward Mr Gordon Obuah who told journalists that he was well.

Obuah said “This morning my attention was drawn to the fact that I have died in detention. This has ca‎used serious anxiety within the public. I want to use this medium to tell Nigerians, members of my family and all concerned citizens that I’m healthy. I’m a staff of the Department of State Services and having completed my tour of duty as the chief security officer to the last President, the service feels that I should give account of my tenure.”

He continued by saying ““So far, there is no adverse situation and I’m optimistic that Nigerians will be informed in due course about the outcome of this exercise. Once again, I thank you immensely. I also want to use the opportunity to thank the DG for the way he has handled me from the time I came in to the present moment.”

Journalists attempted to get more information from him to no avail. He pleaded with the press to understand that he is still a staff of the DSS and so will not be able to comment freely to the press. Obuah was said to have fallen ill on Monday and taken to the hospital. It is at least confirmed that he is alive.

His statement is very different from what his family lawyer had made in a press release earlier. His lawyer had said that he was denied access to his medication, his lawyer and his family members. It is not unlikely that the rumour of his death was engineered to force the DSS to release him or at least charge him.

Mr Obuah had been in custody without being charged since July 16 2015.

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Hussaini Yusuf Ahmed

OHHHH dear…….some one die. under DSS custody……..?
pstn pstm pstn………,what a pity.
but I know we don’t have a firts class and second class citizen in this country, all lives are equal, I remember all those that die under a police, soldiers and Dss.’s custody in name of fighting terrorism, their unnumbered, .no one will tell how many are they.

Isiaka Steven

There is nothing wrong with detaining any one for 1million years, but allow him access to his family, lawyers and doctor. Simple.

Oludolapo Akinmade

A simple Google search will show that no decent media house has reported this. Please exercise caution with all these sponsored online junk.

Oghene Diaz Godwin

I heard there is a law that allows the dss detain a man for up to 30-60 day. Don’t know how true that is.

Isiaka Steven

Amnesty ke? Amnesty is Boko Haram too na.

Chimerenka Odimba

Its really sad. He was a staff. I have yet to see one person charged to court. We are simply seeing harassment. The family should sue to high heavens and get human rights activists to join. Where is Amnesty International now?

Samuel Iyoriobhe Thomas

There was acountry called Nigeria that is going Extinct!!

Isiaka Steven

Please brother go read about Buhari as military HOS, he is evil and glory is putting his enemies into prison even till their death. In GEJ time DSS will invite you for questioning first, but Buhari will rather invade you with DSS.

Tonee Enenmor

This is so sad. They denied the man access to his medication

Chimerenka Odimba

Is there no law on how long a person can be held without being charged? Is the DSS a law enforcement agency? Please anybody wey know the answer help me… Oghene Diaz Godwin, Tonee Enenmor, Isiaka Steven, Hillary Emezue

Hillary Emezue

The story is not quite clear to me .