Nigeria: Fashola Should Not Be Given an Appointment – Civil Group To Buhari

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Nigeria: Fashola Should Not Be Given an Appointment - Civil Group To Buhari

A civil society known as the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders has come out to ask President Buhari not to give the past Governor of Lagos Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola any appointments. This call will certainly come as a surprise to many as Mr Fashola has generally been touted as one of the best governors in the country.

Fashola was a prominent and constant reference point in a lot of the APC’s campaigns. In Lagos, Fashola virtually campaigned alone for Governor Ambode. It got so bad that people started wondering if they were voting for Fashola or Ambode. After the elections, some people took to the social media to drum up support for Fashola to be appointed as a minister of a key ministry like Works and Housing.

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders seem not to be swayed by general feeling. Their reason for making this demand of Mr President is that the administration of Governor Fashola was plagued with a lot of controversies which they feel should not be ignored.

Speaking on the issue, the group’s Executive Chairman  Mr. Debo Adeniran said that their group was seriously disturbed by the number of schools that were in a state of dilapidation within the state. He cited an example of when the Socio-Economic Right Accountability Project demanding by invoking the Freedom of Information Act that Fashola reveal how he spent the $200m World Bank education funds, the administration of Fashola refused to do so.

He stated that the administration of Fashola operated in secrecy as it claimed that the Freedom of Information Act did not cover the states. Furthermore, Mr Adeniran revealed that their group carried out a private investigation to really ascertain the true cost of certain projects taken up by the state. According to him, the 1.36km Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge which the Lagos state government said cost N25bn, actually cost only N6bn. A whooping N19billion less that the government told tax payers.

Mr Adeniran said his group had written so many petitions against the governor to the EFCC without getting any response. According to him, the group is shocked that despite the fact that Fashola left behind a debt of about N500 billion, the EFCC has still refused to look into the allegations that have been raised against his administration in the petitions they have sent. According to him, there is no justifiable reason for this since Fashola no longer enjoys immunity.

Based on this state of affairs and the anti-corruption stance of President Buhari, the group wrote a letter to Mr President.  The letter which is titled ‘Don’t elevate Fashola’  reads as follows:

Mr. President, we are constrained at this point in time to bring to your attention our critical reaction to the unbridled speculation making the rounds for some time now, from the members of the public as well as the media, as to the fact that the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, is being considered by the presidency for higher national responsibility. Feelers have it that his name is prominent on the list of the president’s nominees for key offices in your administration.

It is gratifying that you have promised at various fora that your appointments would be purely based on merit and that tested technocrats, with impeccable records, would be given their rightful places in your administration, as a way of ensuring good governance to the people of Nigeria. It is against this background that our organisation is appealing to you to please take the pains to dig deep into Mr. Babatunde Fashola’s record of performance as well as that of financial propriety on the part of his government while in office.


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Prince Murphy Agube

when it comes to money issue ur worst enemies might be your brother. look what adeniran is saying concerning his own yoruba brother. south, east and west, what is our problem? no matter how worst a northerner commit atrocities, no northerner will condemned him. our wise-ness is becoming foolishness.

Mal Abdullahi Adamu Rachaniya

This criminals society group should leave our fashola alone.

Mal Abdullahi Adamu Rachaniya

Fashola is the most decent leader i have ever seen.he is our next president from the southwest in sha Allah.

Monday Iweh

Before you make your comment please get the fact of the matter first, that will guide you so that you do not beat about the bush.

Seun Olawale Davis

The civil groupz are going crazy. We all know embezzlement is inevitable in Nigerian politicz; but in termz of structural and infrastructural developmentz. Igboz are naturally corrupt; i mean by nature. See that Biafran lady calling for the probe of a Nigerian governor. I beg jor! go and probe those your leaderz in the east first. Go away with your pirated mind.

Emeziem Cyril

Mr Davis see kettle calling pot black.this group noticed some foul play in BRF administration and he was asked 2 give account on his spending ,this he refused to do. Igbos are morally just and they have integrity they protect. Becareful what u say on this social media

Eji Lanre

D system virtually corrupted everybody bt let strt avng a rethink, young ones, u cn bcm sth/sb in ur lyf wtout bin corrupt

Ogundele Samuel

@Claribel or what u call urself,u leave d governor of ur state and u are talking of lagos,bring ur proof of fashola’s looting of lagos.

Coker Rafiu

Fashola is a man for any job in Nigeria

Chidimma Claribel

Fashola must be probed for all the money the looted from Lagos state treasury leading behind gigantic debt!

Mal Abdullahi Adamu Rachaniya

You are wrong to have said this.

Lawal Oluwapelumi John

BRF Is the man for any job.