Nigeria: Code of Conduct Bureau Slam Saraki with 13-Count Corruption Charge

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Nigeria: Code of Conduct Bureau Slam Saraki with 13-Count Corruption Charge

It will appear that the attempt to remove the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki is still very much on. The Code of Conduct Bureau on September 11 2015 filed 13-count corruption charged against Saraki. The charges were filed by M S Hassan, a Deputy Director in the office of the Attorney General of the Federation.

The charges against Saraki include:

– Making false declaration of assets on assumption of office as Kwara State Governor in 2003
– Not declaring assets acquired while in office
– Operating foreign accounts as a public officer

and more.

Is this truly a fight against corruption or a fight to remove Saraki? It will be recalled that Saraki’s wife was invited by EFCC in connection with some corruption charges. After this, the EFCC head was investigated by the Senate and accused of wrongful diversion of funds.

Saraki is sure to fight back. Nigerians are watching with keen interest as the drama unfolds.

Find below scanned copies of the charge sheets.

Charge against Saraki


Charge against Saraki


Charges against Saraki




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Usang Mbang

Saraki is a smart politician and that is what some people find hard to live with. Saraki carry go

Usang Mbang

Is the code of conduct court just waking up, or some people haven’t given up on removing him as a senate president ? Abeg let’s leave persecution if we want to prosecute

Collins Ogbonna

Its very unfortunate that we are still very busy building strong individuals, as against strong institutions. Asset the man declared in 2003, its now that the code of conduct bureau,woke of from slumber to realise they have a constitutional responsibility for Nigeria. It took the code of conduct 12 years, to realise that Saraki’s, asset declaration was false. One wonders if they were still been paid salaries and allowances within these years of no noticeably activity. They will soon go asleep once again and wait for another perceived political bad boy, to the high and mighty. Sorry.

Maigana Mgn

I still c no changes wit dis administration,is d investigation dat is stopping them to work 4 us

Theophilus Tenwii

But why are the probes selective?start wth OBJ and all his cabinet members including the governors….else its political witch hunting

John Donald

Baseless Count Corruption Charges Is That Of The Code Of Conduct Bureau.

Jeremiah Praise

buhari what do you want?within this 4month you have cost somuch dameage.this what you did that ibb take over no ibb now but GOD wil end you.

ChrystEjiuche ChrystEjiuche

@ joshua fatai u speak like a kid. U are not just qualtied to make any comment here. U just exposed ur little knowledge

Ali Mohammed Ali

Na wao oh 4 for both paties.PLS it understanding that matter 4 the challenging patties now.figthing the corruption should start from the leader.

Daniel Oboyi

Saraki is a better politician as compared to PMB n others,d guy is far ahead of them n i advise they should just live with it.