Nigeria: Buhari’s Ministerial List Finally Out

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Nigeria: Buhari's Ministerial List Finally Out

After much talk, body language and criticism, President Buhari’s ministerial list is finally out, having been sent to the Senate late yesterday. However, the list that was sent was only a partial one with about 21 names. The rest according to reports will be sent to the Senate before plenary resumes on Tuesday morning.

The release of the list has been long awaited and now that a part of it is out, the question being asked now is; how soon will the cabinet be constituted? The President’s promise was not to send the list before the end of September but to form his Cabinet before the end of September.

The Senate may not approve some names in the list which will mean that the Cabinet will not be fully formed. Given President’s Buhari’s disdain for Ministers (having called them noise makers), some are suggesting that he may actually want the Senate not to approve the names.

In an attempt to explain the delay in releasing the list, Mr President in his Independence Day speech said it was impossible to appoint ministers when the number of ministries need to achieve the government’s aims had not been determined.

Statements like these, further lend credence to the thought by many that this government was not ready for governance. President Buhari had said severally that he will cut down the number of ministries to 19. It is therefore not clear what he means by the statement in his speech alluding to the fact that they had to first determine the number of ministries required to achieve the goal of the government.

With the list or at least part of it out, Nigerians are eager to know those who made the cut as they are expected to be saints who have not been tainted by the corruption that had made it difficult for the President to pick his ministers.

Happy 55 Independence Day Celebrations Nigeria!

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