Nigeria: Buhari And Osinbajo’s Assets As Declared

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Nigeria: Buhari And Osinbajo's Assets As Declared

Nigerians have been clamoring for Buhari and his Vice to make their asset declaration public as they promised during their campaigns. Though there has been a lot of denials lately regarding what was promised and what was not, it now appears that Nigerians will get what they asked for with the news that the assets declaration made by President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo will now be made public.

According to unconfirmed sources, the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) is currently vetting the declaration and will make it public after the vetting process is concluded. Though this document has yet to be officially released, there are unconfirmed reports of its content which are as follows:

Assets owned before swearing in on May 29 2015

President Buhari

– Less than N30 million to his name.
Has only one bank account, with the Union Bank.
Owns shares in Berger Paints, Union Bank and Skye Bank (quantity of shares not yet known)
Owns a total of five homes, and two mud houses in Daura. Two of his homes are in Kaduna, while the other three are in Kano, Daura and in Abuja respectively.
He inherited one mud house from his late father and another from his late sister.
He has two undeveloped plots of land Located in Kano and in Port Harcourt. It is said that the location of the land in Port-Harcourt is not yet verified.
He owns farms, an orchard and a ranch. The total number of his holdings in the farm include 270 heads of cattle, 25 sheep, five horses, a variety of birds and a number of economic trees.
President Buhari had no foreign account,
He borrowed money from the old Barclays Bank to build two of his homes.
No factory and No enterprises.
He also had no registered company and No oil wells.
He uses a number of cars, two of which he bought from his savings and the others supplied to him by the federal government in his capacity as former Head of State. The rest were donated to him by well-wishers after his jeep was damaged in a Boko Haram bomb attack on his convoy in July 2014.

Vice President Osinbajo

A bank balance of about N94 million, 900,000 US Dollars and 19,000 British Pounds in Nigerian Banks with the foreign currencies kept in local domiciliary accounts.
A 4-bedroom residence at Victoria Garden City, Lagos
A 3-bedroom flat at 2 Mosley Road, Ikoyi.
A 2-bedroom flat at the popular Redemption Camp along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
A 2-bedroom mortgaged property in Bedford, England.
One Infinity 4-Wheel Drive SUV,
One Mercedes Benz and
A Prado SUV
Apart from his law firm, known as SimmonsCooper, the Vice-President also declared shareholding in six private companies based in Lagos, including Octogenerium Ltd., Windsor Grant Ltd., Tarapolsa, Vistorion Ltd., Aviva Ltd. and MTN Nigeria.

These report is as at yet unconfirmed. We shall await the official release of the said document by the CCB for ratification of the information here contained.

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Akintunde Oluwaranti

For me,i tink things ar moving on fine,so pls we nigerian let support our govmt to move fowd god bless.

Sani Mohammed

All bloody jonathians and biafrans wailing and ranting shall be ur portion, while Nigeria move forward.

Akomire Victor

ride on my presido; we nigerians are be side u.

Luka Amaku

Tribalism will not allowed him to fight corruption, we are watching.

Uchenna Obeji

There are tortoise

Paulinus Okoye

what is the value cost of buharis empty lands and the houses, how come he hv thirty million naira now, befor campain he said he had no money, and osibanjo as a pastor, how did he get 900000 thousand doller ,when we know that he is not the g,o of his church,it means osibanjo hv been stealing his church money, this two people are thievs, let their wives and children declare their assets too,

Paulinus Okoye

buhari is an idiot to hell wt his asset declaration, on biafra we stand

Amadi Emmanuel Eze

its like u dat u dat re problem of dis country. did jonathan declared his own??. rubbish talk

Chigozie Alilionwu Onyearugbulem

I think he got richer after election. He may have gotten gifts from excited pple. Money and cow gifts plus his business and earnings. U don’t expect him to explain to all his streams of income. U don’t expect him to get poorer. A lot of pple supported him financially.

Chigozie Alilionwu Onyearugbulem

3 billion ke?

Promise Micheal

To Anayo. 1million before d election.hmmm so nw he won d election don’t u tink he recive his salary nd allowances 2 add 2 his own wealth… Nw to miss Amefula is 30million nt 3billion