Nigeria: Army rescues Over 300 Women and Girls, yet No Chibok Girls

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Nigeria: Army rescues Over 300 Women and Girls, yet No Chibok Girls

The Nigerian Army has said that they have rescued over 330 women and girls from the clutches of the Boko Haram sect. This further increases the number the of women and girls that have been rescued from Boko Haram yet none of the girls are part of the highly talked about Chibok girls.

According to the Army, they carried out raids at Bulajilin and Manawashe villages in the Sambisa forest area where Boko Haram was suspected to have had their camps. Aside from the women and girls rescued during the raid, the Army reportedly kiiled about 30 of the terrorists and recovered a cache of arms and ammunitions.

As the Army records more successes, the question of the Chibok girls increasingly becomes worrisome. Where are these girls? Many camps have been raided and captives released but none of them are part of the Chibok girls.

Bring back our girls campaigner - Ezekwesili This continued elusiveness of these Chibok girls has given rise to the  insinuation by many that it was all  a hoax aimed simply at  discrediting the former administration so as to wrest power from  them. This  theory now appears to be gaining ground as the cry for  the rescue of the Chinok girls has suddenly  waned with the coming  in of the Buhari led administration.

This administration has its task cut out for it. These girls MUST be  found or else Nigerians will be forced to believe that there were no kidnapped girls in the first place. This belief is already widely accepted and with good reason too.

December is around the corner and Nigerians hope that President Buhari’s words will this time count for something. It will be recalled that before becoming the President, he promised to conquer the Boko haram sect and recue the Chibok girls within 2 months of taking office. He also disparaged the former administration for the steps they took to fight Boko Haram.

Some of these steps taken by the past administration include: liasing with neighbouring countries, turning to China and Russia for arms and hiring mercenaries (as revealed by President Buhari himself while scorning the past administration). One of the first things President Buhari did upon taking office was to softly deny promising to end the Boko Haram scourge in 2 months. He then proceeded to visit the neighouring countries, soliciting their coperation. This is the very same thing he criticized former President Goodluck Jonathan for doing.

Next, President Buhari went to the USA to source for arms. The USA refused the same way they did GEJ. Now Buhari has to turn to China and Russia. Finally, Buhari appears to have turned to hiring mercenaries to get the job done.

At this stage, Nigerians just want the job done and will forgive Buhari’s many hypocritical actions. However, one thing Nigerians will not forgive is the issue of the Chibok girls. They have to be found by this administration.

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Abubakar Abdu Dadin Kowa

Then whre are the cibok girls kept? i think the already captured bk hrm members should provide hint regarding their whereabout.

Fredrick Mutale

Thanx My Troops U Made It