Nigeria: APC, Stop Praising Yourselves for Our Achievements – PDP

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Nigeria: APC, Stop Praising Yourselves for Our Achievenments - PDP

In its new role as the opposition party, the PDP through its National Publicity Secretary Chief Olisa Metuh has come out to warn the APC led government against praising themselves for the achievements of the past PDP led government. In a press statement issued on Monday August 10, Metuh noted that the PDP was disappointed that the APC which has been claiming such high moral values could be attempting to claim the success recorded by the PDP led administration rather than concentrating on fulfilling the campaign promises they made to Nigerians.

The PDP through urged the APC led governmentof President Buhari to hurry and begin to implement their various economic policies so that economic outlets that have been at at standstill since the current government had failed to quickly put forward a policy direction for the country. He went on to enumerate certain achievements left behind by former President Goodluck Jonathan, which he claims the APC is now trying to claim.

He said “for instance, how do we explain APC’s spirited effort to make the public believe that the equipping of the country’s military for the fights against insurgency; the turn around of the nation’s oil refineries; and the polio-free certification of Nigeria were products of their government even when it is common knowledge that they have not been able to find their bearing for governance since their election into office.”

He noted that but for the information released by the former National Security advicer under Jonathan, Col Sambo Dasuki (RTD), the APC led government would have claimed that it was their government that equiped the army. “If the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) had not been courageous enough to release those incontrovertible facts that the Goodluck Jonathan-led PDP administration actually fortified the country’s military before leaving office in May, the APC would have succeeded in its propaganda against that administration and led Nigerians to believe that the equipping was a product of President Buhari’s recent diplomatic shuttles.”

To further buttress his point his cited the example of the resurgence of the Boko Haram fighters after the past administration had almost totally defeated them. “It is an obvious fact that before the May 29 handover to the APC, the Nigerian armed forces, using these equipment sourced under the watch of the PDP government, had already pushed the insurgents to the verge of surrender in the Sambisa forest, only for them to now resurge under the APC-led government due to apparent lack of direction and confusion that have characterised this administration.”

He also spoke on the news making the rounds that some refinaries were now coming online. “This government has positioned itself to claim credit for the turnaround and resuscitation of some of the nation’s refineries without reference to the past administration that initiated and executed the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of the facilities years back, which dividends the nation now enjoys and which we expect will result in steady supply of petroleum products in our nation.”

Another issue which Metuh pointed out was the WHO certifcation of Nigeria as being polio free. Metu said that “informed Nigerians note with dismay how the APC administration has been celebrating the certification of Nigeria as polio-free in the last one year by the World Health Organisation (WHO) without giving credit to the PDP-led government under whose watch the feat was achieved.”

Metuh went on to say that “while the PDP well understands the nervousness of the APC and its government in the challenge of fulfilling their bogus promises upon which they rode to power, such does not in any way rationalise the resort to deceit and flagrant appropriation of another’s achievements, a thing no serious, credible and honest government will do.”

Metuh adviced the APC led government to try to formulate an economic policy and begin to fulfill their campaign promises rather trying to receive the praise for things that are not their achievement. He oberseved that running a government in a democracy for almost three months without a duly constituted cabinet was totally unacceptable. According to him, no excuse can justify this.

“This is the first time since independence that our nation has stayed without a complete composition of government for three months. Unfortunately, the negative effect of this anomaly, which has taken a huge toll on the country’s economy and the welfare of Nigerians, will be with us in the coming years.

We express this concern against the backdrop of information that unpatriotic persons close to government are already hounding civil servants for inflated concessions, allocations, jobs and other favours being unduly granted, making the system fertile for heavy financial sleazes in the absence of appropriate statutory supervising officers.

This is in addition to the avoidable economic downturn now manifesting in the abandonment of ongoing infrastructural projects, crippling of foreign and domestic investments and continued slide in the money and capital markets.”

Metu concluded the press release with an advice to Nigerians. He said “Finally, we want to reiterate our earlier call on Nigerians to continue to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari, who for obvious reasons is surrounded by people whose divergent personal interests have become a huge burden on our dear nation, the integrity of this government, the health of our economy and sustenance of our democracy.”

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African Boutique

Nice ?

Kristo Kris

True talk,buhari@struggling to set his cabinet.he try to pick fashola and amechi etc, and discover dt fashola and co’s are corrupt,

John Donald


African Boutique

I agree Cool ! :p

Ameh Ojonugwa Jolly

mumu pdp

Adams Yarima Ismaila

shame no dey for una dictionary

Amasa Adeyemi

Let gej talk so stop talking

Precious Sammy
it’s a shame for pdp to now want to claim any achievement since past 16year. idiot pdp if u can deceive your mumu people in the south and east u think west and the north can be deceived like that ? u suppose to be ashamed of yourselves bcs u have dirty the image and disreputated the honour of this country with your corruption, only what your intelligence applicable to is how to looted money and now what u failed to achieve in 16yrs has now been achieve for just 3month yet u are claiming achievement? useless, valueless and rejected… Read more »
Pst Friday Igiri

Even electricity in calabar is stable and that is also Jonathan great achievement. God bless POP

Adeyanju David Taiye

@yemi photo, which truth u ar not serious

Adeyanju David Taiye

it wil never better for u people u has been there for over 16yrs why cant u maintain ur achivement to let everyone see it,why now or sixteen years is too small to revived our refinaries, olorun oke ma baye yin je ni. Ur PDP party was only specialise on looting money nd transform ur people pocket by dollars not to transform nigeria, God wil never allowed ur party to rise up in jesus name. Amen nd ASEGUN.

African Boutique

Agreed 🙂