Nigeria: APC Calls on the Police to Prosecute Saraki, Clerk and Others

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Senator Bukola Saraki

The drama that has persisted in the National Assembly from the day of its inauguration till date has shown no signs of waning. If anything, the fight is getting fiercer and the desperation more palpable. The APC in attempt to gain an upper hand in the struggle has called on the police to prosecute the Clerk of the NASS and Saraki among others.

The charges leveled against Senator Saraki and others include illegally changing the rules of the house which offence amounts to forgery. The full list of those the APC wants prosecuted include the Clerk of the NASS Salisu Maikasuwa, Senator Bukola Saraki, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu and Senator David Mark. This call came on the heels of the report that the Police had indeed confirmed that the house rules that was used when Saraki and Ekweremmadu were elected was changed. The question now to be answered is – Who changed it?

The APC is accusing these principal officers of changing the rules to favour their plans. According to reports, the police had reported that their report indicted the NASS management led by Maikasuwa. It is also said that the police recommended that the suspects be prosecuted.

One thing is questionable here. If the police has proof of forgery which is a criminal offence, does it require any prompting to charge the suspects. Who is the police making this recommendation to? Why not simply go ahead and charge the individuals indicted in the report?

As the battle hots up, more information is sure to emerge.

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