Nigeria: APC Be Grateful to PDP – Timi Frank

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Be grateful to PDP

In an interesting twist to the NASS saga and APC crises, Mr Timi Frank, The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has told his party to stop the blame game and be grateful to PDP for the democratic act. According to Mr Frank, the PDP had ample opportunity to put a PDP Senator on the seat of the Senate President but chose not to.

Speaking on a live current affairs program on African Independent Television (AIT) on Monday June 29 2015, Mr Frank said the APC only had themselves to blame. He noted that with only about eight APC Senators in the house at the time, PDP had the majority and therefore could do as they pleased but respected the democratic process by ensuring that the Senate President came from the APC.

Speaking further, he said that rather than blame Senator Saraki, the APC should thank him for rescuing the party. He notd that if he – Saraki – had not been in the house at the time, there might not have been an APC senator to emerge Senate President. He said that the presence of Saraki in the house at the time and his emergence as Senat President was something the APC should be grateful for.

Mr Frank said that if anybody is to blame, it is the 51 APC Senators that were absent from the house at the time. He said “The question we should be asking is: Who asked 51 Senators to go to the International Conference Centre? What did they go there to do? I don’t know who called for that meeting, as a party man. We should not blame Saraki for becoming Senate President. We should put the blame on the party and whosoever that called that meeting. Has the President come out to tell Nigerians that I called for a meeting and Senator Saraki wasn’t there? Even the President wasn’t at the International Conference Centre. Why did you expect Saraki to be there?”

He further went on to say “Am upset. My party caused the downfall, why we lost the Deputy Senate Presidency. How I wish all the Senators were there, there is no way we wouldn’t have got the Deputy Senate Presidency.” He also added that “We don’t need to be blaming Ekweremadu and so forth. If it were anybody from my party or even myself, I would take advantage of the situation that was on ground.”

On the issue of party supremacy Mr Frank said “I agree that party supremacy has come to stay. But again, since party supremacy is now the issue of the day, I expect the national leadership to write the list of ministers and their portfolios and give to the President to announce. The State party chairmen must write the names of the Commissioners and SAs and give to the State Governors to announce. That way, we will know that party supremacy has come to stay. Not just to enforce it on Senate and House of Reps. Otherwise they should allow the Senate to be. They should also allow the House to be.”

With this unexpected slant from the APC’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, it is not looking like there is an end in sight for the APC crises. This is something Nigerians are watching with keen interest.



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Chinweuba Odimba

@Chimerenka Frank said the obvious .I hv critically watch d drama bt can only fault APC.PDP knew going for the big head will cause wahala.I agree with Timi frank.

Chimerenka Odimba

Hillary Emezue, sir you’re very right. We however know that APC abhors the truth and will do anything possible to distance themselves from it lol

Victoria Odimba

Onibiyo Segun MG see your people lol

Hillary Emezue

@Odimba. …Timi Frank is just saying the obvious . At that critical moment, PDP was in majority and could have voted themselves into Senate leadership , but it would have been shortlived . APC bungled it full time .

Chimerenka Odimba

Make una follow me read this one oh! Oghene Diaz Godwin, Isiaka Steven, Tonee Enenmor, Chinweuba Odimba, Hillary Emezue. If this guy really said this, then he might be sanctioned for anti-party activity oh!