Nigeria: APC and the Struggle for Control of the NASS

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APC fighte to take control of the NASS

The NASS is set to resume sitting tomorrow July 28 2015. There is so much tension in the air regarding this resumption and what will transpire in the house when they resume. This heightened tension is coming on the heels of APC continued insistence on forcing its will on the upper and lower houses. This struggle is clearly all about who controls the NASS.

The house was adjourned for a second time to resume on July 28 2015. The reason for the second adjournment has been generally attributed to the growing confusion in the upper and lower houses. With the scheduled resumption of the NASS tomorrow, the stage appears to be once again set for some high level drama.

Political analyst are having a field day making predictions and drawing conclusions. The elections in the upper house and all the appointments of the principal officers have been concluded. However, the APC wishes to remove Saraki and EKweremmadu. How possible is this?

In the lower house, The APC has given up setting up its anointed one as Speaker and deputy speaker. Their target is not to have Femi Gbajabiamila installed as Majority leader a situation that is looking more unlikely by the hour. The situation in the lower house got more interesting over the weekend when a part of the Gbajabiamila faction who call themselves the loyalist faction came up to accept the formula put forward by Honourable Yakubu Dogara.

In Dogara’s formula, Femi Gbajabiamila cannot emerge for any post because South-west was not given any slot. According to Dogara’s argument, since the North-east and South-west already had principal officers in the lower house, it was only fair that the North-west, North-central, South-south and South-east share the four remaining principal offices. This has not gone down well with certain factions of the party.

With no settlement in sight for both the upper and lower houses, it appears everything will fall back to the house and who can muster the greatest number of votes. After all, politics is said to be a game of numbers. This fact will play out throughout this eight assembly.

What cna the APC do? It does not appear as if the APC as a party can do anything to change the situation in the upper and lower houses. In the upper house, the APC in seeking to remove already elected officers. This is a tall order since the faction loyal to the party’s wishes are not in the majority despite the fact that a mere majority is not enough to remove a principal officer. If the APC cannot currently muster a simple majority in the upper house, how can they expect to remove anyone when that process will require a two third majority?

The APC knows this very well so the plan now is to remove these principal officers through other means like prosecution. Non of these officers can be removed unless they are actually convicted of a criminal act. Simply prosecuting them will not be enough to remove them. Even if it were possible to remove them tomorrow when the Senate resumes sitting, a fresh election would have to be conducted to fill these positions. Will the APC be able to win? Not likely. With the block votes from the 49 PDP Senators and the additional votes from the breakaway APC Senators, the APC will most certainly still lose.

The same situation will likely also play out in the lower house. Without a defining majority, the APC cannot impose its will on the house. The APC Reps were broken into two major factions during the elections. With the further splitting of the Gbajabiamila or Loyalist faction, it appears their force is weakening even further.

In conclusion, it appears that the APC cannot do much at this time. Continuing this fight will only further breakup the already broken party. If the ruling party is decimated, how will they provide legislative support to President Buhari? A wise man chooses his fight carefully. APC needs to borrow a leave from this saying and sheath its sword for the sake of its own survival.

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Isiaka Steven

Hehehe! NASS will resume and APC will keep licking its errors. I wonder why the diversion tactics of creating chaos by APC.

Isiaka Steven

Hehehe! NASS will resume and APC will keep licking its errors. I wonder why the diversion tactics of creating chaos by APC.

Chimerenka Odimba

Emmanuel Odimba, Isiaka Steven, Iyke Anyanwu