Nigeria: 2016 Budget – Missing or Withdrawn?

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Nigeria: 2016 Budget - Missing or Withdrawn?

Since 22 December 2015 when President Buhari presented the 2016 budget to the national assembly at a joint session, the budget has come under a lot of criticism. Different aspects of the budget had come under serious attacks especially in the social media. Last week, there were rumours that the federal government had withdrawn the document, indicating that there were a few errors that needed to be corrected. The news today regarding the disappearance of the document raises not a few eye brows. Is the document indeed missing or was it withdrawn as earlier speculated?

The budget had been criticized on several fronts. Among the areas roundly criticized were the allocation to the Presidency, feeding at the villa, newspapers, oil exploration in the north, allocation to information as against allocation to infrastructure among other things. Many Nigerians felt the budget was a disgrace to a party that had been shouting change from the roof tops.

If the document is indeed missing, there certainly should be a soft copy on many computer systems from which another copy can be quickly printed to avert all these noise about a missing budget document. Hearing the news, one will think the missing document was the only documentation of the budget. There should be no excuse from the ruling party. The budget has to be passed quickly so they can start delivering on their promises to Nigerians.

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Chibuko Bernard

That’s one of the inconclusiveness of the sai baba government

Nonso Timata

Hahahahaha funny, i laugh at Nigeria

Oluwa SammyBoy

buhari is just a heartless following and a criminal dat is not meant to rule Nigeria….the country Nigeria just made d greatest mistake ever

Onyeka Fisco Benedict

The budget is inconclusive

Ali Sunny

This is a confused government

Chukwunenye Nweke

Buhari is just a controversial leader.

Henry Lizbet

Nigeria a dead country,biafra alive