Much Ado About A Presidential “West Germany” Blunder

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Buhari and Merkel

Once again the newly elected Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is in the news again and not for a good reason. Social media has been awash with the rather surprising blunder committed by the President yesterday. While addressing a press conference after the meeting of the Lake Chad Basin Commission Presidents, President Buhari said “I was personally invited by G7. I went there and I was asked to brief the G7 and I was impressed with the tremendous sympathy they have for this sub-region, the Lake Chad Basin Commission. Their humanitarian approach to the issue to say the least is very very impressive and all of them, not only in Europe; from President Obama to the Chairman of G7 President Michelle of West Germany and french President. They are all willing to help us

Germany has a Chancellor named Angela Merkel and not a President named Michelle. In the same way, West Germany ceased to exist on October 3 1990 after it was reunited with the rest of Germany. Which West Germany was President Buhari referring to. There have been several non-complimentary comments made about him. This and other blunders made by him once again raises the question of his  mental ability to handle the enormous challenges involved in running the country.

Is this much ado about nothing? Is this by any means an indication of the President’s deficiency or mental decline? Some have accused him of being to old for the job he has signed up for. These blunders are not helping the argument proposing that he is very capable to handle the job.

It is hoped that Mr President will prove his critics wrong by avoiding these blunders that have kept the social media very busy. Nigerians must keep praying for and supporting President Buhari for the forward movement of Nigeria.

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