Editorial: Is Nigeria A Sharia State? A Look At The Abduction of Ese From Bayelsa

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Editorial: Is Nigeria A Sharia State? A Look At The Abduction of Ese From Bayelsa

Some days ago, the story broke in social media that a 13 year old girl had been abducted from Bayelsa and taken to Kano where she was wed to one Malam Inusa Dahiru, a subject of the Emir of Kano. It started as a joke but suddenly, it became a serious issue. No one thought such a thing could happen publicly. Those who thought so have since learnt otherwise.

A few issues have arisen from this sordid story. The first is that Ese was abducted about eight months ago and has been living against her will at Kano. She is said to have converted to Islam and her name changed to Aisha.

The next issue that has come to light is that the Emir of Kano the former CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is aware of this abduction. According to him, he had ordered that she be repatriated. He said “I ordered Ese’s repatriation since September 2015 through the Assistant Inspector General of Police incharge of Zone 1, but to my surprise the issue is still hanging in between the sharia commission , Hisbah and the police”.

The main issue to be considered here is this. What authority does the Sharia Commission have in Nigeria? Does the Nigeria Police report to the Emir or do they receive orders from him? The Emir said “The Police are those behind this delay. I have done my best for her and even directed for action, it’s unfortunate that the police are delaying this matter.”

On this one point I totally agree with the Emir. The Police have not played their role of safe-guarding the lives and properties of Nigerians. The dilly dallying that went on between the so called Sharia Commission and the Nigerian Police is at best disgusting.

A criminal offence had been committed for which the Nigerian Police Force ought to have swung into action, arrested the perpetrators and released the girl to her family immediately. Rather, the issue dragged on for months.

Scans of letters exchanged between the Police and the Emirate Council and the Sharia Commission further throws more light on the sorry role the Police played in this matter. In one letter dated 7/9/2015 which was in response to a letter written by the Police to the Emirate Council in which the Police was appealing for assistance before his highness (the Emir), the Secretary of the Kano Emirate Council through his Chief Executive Officer Admin Hamisu Garba Diso, wrote to the AIG of Police Zone one saying “I am further directed to introduce to you a representative of Kano Sharia Commission as well as A’isha Chuwas and her relatives for proper handing over of the said A’isha to the AIG Bayelsa State based on Law and Order,  purposely to protect her dignity/religion.”

From the fore-going, it is now totally unclear what powers and jurisdiction the Sharia Commission and indeed the Emirate Council have on criminal matters.

Letter to Police

In an earlier letter dated 18/8/2015, the same Emirate Council had written that Ese who was renamed Aisha had agreed to marry one Mallam Inusa Dahiru. Where and how does a 14 year old girl agree to marry someone?

The outrage expressed over the matter should not be allowed to die down simply because the Emir of Kano has finally released the girl to the Federal Government. Where was the FG previously when the now fourteen year old girl was held hostage in the Emir’s Palace for months?

Questions must be asked and and answers demanded. Where is the so called Malam Inusa Dahiru? How did Ese get from Bayelsa to Kano State? How many other such cases have gone unreported or undiscovered?

Like Senator Ben Bruce noted to the Inspector General of Police, “The CONSTITUTION of Nigeria respects no person. To pick and choose on whom it should apply is UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. “Your statement that Ese’s release is “dependent” on persons is sad. Her release is GUARANTEED by the CONSTITUTION. Ensure you free Ese.”

The abductors of Ese must be produced and prosecuted. Those who aided and abetted them must also be made to pay no matter how highly placed they are.

The last time we checked, Nigeria is not a Sharia State and is not bound by Sharia law. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria supersedes every other law , authority and council. Senator Ben Bruce said ““The IGP is in a pole position to show that there are no sacred cows in Nigeria and everyone is equal before the law.” I however feel that from history, the issue is beyond the IGP. I believe this is a litmus test for President Buhari himself. It will be recalled that during the elections, he was accused of being a religious bigot. Many fought for him, many believed he was not. Now it is time for him to show for himself and by himself that he is not.

First Letter

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Ahmed Usman

Hmmm really.i dont blaim you people rather i blaim the guy for him to allow her to come with him.am so dissapointed in him. Now he make all dis ogogoro drunkers with there dirty mouth saying all manner of rubishhhhh here. when we have beautifull’s yourng yourng Engels in the north no body even look at them yet he went and brougt this urgly smelling thing oohh my God.sooo disgusting khaii.my prayers here is that we should not wake up one day and begin to here about some strainge dieses called ESE in our land. hmmm God have mercy

Omoregbe Williams

Yes it is!!! is very obvious. this is the hand work of the paedophile Buharia

Azikiwe Austin Oyuwe

Animal kingdom

Juveth Methuselah Uche

Nigeria is a zoo state

Blessing Ifeoma

In fact let the Christians watch their daughters always, don’t allow your daughters to have any kind of conversation with all these Hausa shoe makers, guys sellers,nail cutters, cow rearers,clothes menders, in fact anything that had Hausa blood to come near your home, enough is enough

Blessing Ifeoma

Who said that, barbaric sharia, religion of terrorist, rape,molesters, charms in fact name anything evil is associated with it

Promix Whyte

Shehu salisu ,, u will die and u will also be burried with lies, shame to #islam, shame to #taqiyya.

Arogunmati Oluwatoyin

So also, Ese’s story situation was and is condemnable. We all knw the Northerns wouldnt take abduction of their daughter(s) kindly frm anybody,tribe or Religion without their consent or blessings, so why indulge any of their own in such and not speak out against this ,whc i feel is unacceptable.
We’re 1 Nigeria. And should be our brother’s keeper. Always!!! Through good&bad times we should live as 1.

Arogunmati Oluwatoyin

Though it appears so,as a result of the relative weakness of cadres of authority at the moment. I still want to believe the citizenry r ever ready to refuse such&maintain a federal state existence.

Wilson Amodu

I advice every one of u 2 becareful bcus wat u metion on some shall be metion on u one day.