Editorial: If Buhari Wants to Be a Pharaoh, He Will Find a Moses In Me – Asari Dokubo

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Nigeria: If Buhari Wants to Be a Pharaoh, He Will Find a Moses In Me - Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo has always loved being in the news. He has spoken severally on national issues and he has also threatened fire and brimstone on several occasions. After the general elections which the APC and President Buhari won, Asari took to his Facebook page where he posted ” Mohammed Kabir Ibrahim your Buhari does not have the power to send any body to prison….get that into your piggy skull and nobody is afraid of him….We are waiting for him….following the example of GEAJ does not make us cowards….If he Buhari wants to be a Pharaoh….then he will find a Moses in me.”

Asari Dokubo has identified with the current agitation by Nnamdi Kanu and the Indiginous People of Biafria (IPOB). According to Dokubo, Ijaws are an integral part of Biafra. He appears not to want to be outdone by this new wave led by Mr Nnamdi Kanu.

How will President Buhari’s administration handle this double thronged attack? We may even be correct to actually call it a tripple pronged attack if we add the new ‘Odua Radio’ saga into the mix.

People called and still call Asari Dokubo a noise maker. People are calling Nnamdi Kanu a noise maker. Funny enough, President Buhari also called his ministers noise makers. Is Nigeria safe with all these noise makers? Is it not time to retrace our steps and restructure this country so as to find lasting peace?

Please President Buhari, we do not have to wait until things have gone too far. Please swallow your pride and dialogue with these interest groups. You are ready to dialogue with a faceless Boko Haram sect, why not this group of agitators whose faces and demands are well known?

A word they say is enough for the wise.

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Zerospill ND
Recently , The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the Federal Government is focused on implementation of Niger Delta Master Plan to drive development of the region….Palliatives like this are periodically released to brain-washed the Niger delta people. Instead of dusting the master plan to look at areas where implementation can commence, President Muhammad Buhari’s allocated n39.4 billion of the Niger delta oil money for oil exploration in the northern part of Nigeria. For now , no dime has been budgeted or mentioned anywhere in Nigeria as fund for the realization of the purported Niger delta master plan. The Niger delta… Read more »
Zerospill ND
It is tragic that the crooked characters that occupy our political theatre do not understand the problems of the Nigeria state, not to talk of understanding the problems of the Niger Delta. The problems are beyond mere setting up of agencies like the Oil Mineral Producing Area Development Commission (OMPADEC), the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and to fly people to Abuja every week to wine and dine in the name of Niger Delta stakeholders meetings.It is getting close to an era when government officials will no longer deceive the ND people with sweet talks while continuing to exploit the… Read more »

The poster of the above is right. Buhari should give them a chance. Let him hear them no matter the nonsense they have to say. it might be the best way to calm the scenario. /myviews/




i still dnt no y som ppl still listen 2 ds fool, he uses dr youth 2 make so much money 2 hs own pocket yet d so call ‘youth’ still bliev he fyt 4 dem nt knoyn hes usn dem 4 his own selfish ntreast. wen r d so call youth ‘ll learn?

Dreamer MC

#Randy Stephens# you don’t even now how to spell fool, you and your president Buhari are illiterates and you want to rule over brilliant people


@Dreamer MC Brilliant people who knows how well to spell fool. can you please pick up your slippers and tell me the number of sands under that so call slippers of yours? if you can’t do that then a very big shame on you… My advice to you is, go and join the militant and let’s see how long you last and stop seating down at home making noise just like your role model Asari. i love you with the love of God.

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God will help us. Let’s keep praying for Nigeria. May God’s Will be Done.

Dave skylark

wit all d money Niger delta have portharcout is having d worst airport in d world. So wat r u fighting for


Dave Skylark, is Port Harcourt airport state or federal project? Its better you keep quite for what you don’t know and allow people that know to educate you.

Richard Sky

Hmm Nigerians when will we change? War in both ethnic and religious sector may God save the innocent Nigerians who r just watching d clueless. 

Emma Praise

Story for d gods.with all their Niger delta money,which poor person dem don help or build one school for poor kids?rubbish