Editorial: Buhari, Why Is Nigeria Joining ISMAT? Is Nigeria Now An Islamic State?

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Editorial: Buhari, Why Is Nigeria Joining ISMAT? Is Nigeria Now An Islamic State?

“Nigeria has formally joined the 34 nation Islamic coalition”

When President Buhari was contesting for office, some people accused him of being a religious bigot with plans to Islamize Nigeria. Buhari’s response was that no one could islamize Nigeria. The recent actions by President Buhari has started causing worries along some lines.

Recently, president Buhari as is now his trade mark, revealed some pertinent news to Nigerians during his most recent interview on Al Jazeera. President Buhari revealed that Nigeria had joined the Saudi Arabia led Islamic Military Alliance Against Terrorism (ISMAT).

According to President Buhari, his reason for dragging Nigeria into this coalition is that Nigeria is fighting a terrorist sect that says they are fighting in the name of Islam. According to Buhari, “we are casualties of Islamic terrorism.” This attempt to explain this move has not been seen as sound or reason enough to warrant such a move.

It would be recalled that when the issue was still being rumoured, the President’s spokes man Garba Shehu said ““Nigeria has been formally invited to be a member of the alliance,” but that the “decision to join has not been taken yet.” President Buhari also insinuated that Nigeria will simply support the coalition when he said “Even if we are not a part of it, we support you.”

Today, it is now stale news that Nigeria has formally joined the 34 nation Islamic coalition. This was categorically revealed by Buhari in the same interview when he said “We are part of it because we have got terrorists in Nigeria that everybody knows which claims that they are Islamic.”

Now a debate is raging as to the wisdom of this action. There are different issue causing worry to Nigerians. There two main divisions of Muslims in the current picture. There are the Sunnis and the Shi’ite. It is interesting to note that President Buhari is a Sunni Muslim as is the Army Chief Buratai and a majority of Nigerian Muslims.

Only recently, The army chief’s convoy killed hundreds of Shi’ite Muslim in an operation that raised some international brows. Chief among the raised brows were those of Iran which is the headquarters of the Shi’ite sect just as Saudi Arabia is the headquarters of the Sunni sect. There were rows and finger pointing.

One of the major rumours was that Saudi Arabia was behind the operation that killed their Shi’ite faithfuls. The issue is not dead, with their leader still being detained.

The Islamic Military Alliance Against Terrorism is clearly a Sunni coalition which will make Shi’ite Muslims uncomfortable. It also simply means that Nigeria as  country has taken sides with the Sunni against the Shi’ite Muslims. To say that this is unacceptable is putting it very mildly.

Secondly (and a main issue for Christians), the Islamic Military Alliance Against Terrorism coalition is made of entirely of Muslim countries. While announcing the coalition, the duty of the coalition was said to be “to protect the Islamic nation from the evils of all terrorist groups and organizations whatever their sect and name which wreak death and corruption on earth and aim to terrorise the innocent.”

This statement begs the question; what Islamic Nation? Are we referring to Nigeria or Saudi Arabia? There is no question here that Nigeria being part of this Islamic coalition, will do Nigeria more harm than good.

President Buhari must dismount of his high horse from which he has constantly looked down on Nigerians, trampling their rights and behaving as if he is a god. He has yet to defeat Boko haram as he promised. Joining a coalition that is clearly at variance and in serious enmity with Shi’ite Muslims who are Nigerians, may just be setting fire to another keg of gun powder.

Nigeria is not an Islamic country and therefore should not be a part of this coalition. We call on the NASS, Civil Society and every well meaning Nigerian to protest this development and ask for the total withdrawal of Nigeria from this coalition.

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Ugwuoke Edwine Anayo

Yes na true he said that

Nwele Emmanuel

That islamic man of the year buhari he is adding his brothers the islamic people of northern nigeria/zoo for us in the East we are #Biafrans and we have no business with islam.

Abubakar Hamidu

did buhari stop u not to go to ur church or he stop u not to read ur bible or he force u to joint islam?

Onagha Justice

Lamuka is simply qustion so if u re a muslim we re christains wat help does Buhari seek when formal president didnt sort but Buhari n his cohort wth they propaganda.castigated him.now he needs help frm islamic community to islamize u.But God get power pass am.

Ibi Samuel

U pples u ar speakin rubbish here why politicians ar enjoyin.

Nganwuchu Ezinna

WHERE IS MBAKA eeeee??? Did he travel out?? Why is he quiet on this?

Ezekiel Ojile

Pls every body pray for our president he wil deliver. He knws wht we need as a country and at his age, i also believe he can’t be bought by any body. President u wil deliver in the name of Jesus and every body wil celebrate u, i knw tht for sure. Lets supt him. Am nt a politician bt i see a bright Nigeria in the next 3years. I love u all.

Johnson Ibonye

For Christians who support Buhari shine ur eyes now

Aminchi Barau

I don’t know why some Christian are not believe God Almighty. No shaking: if they like let them plant to force Christian to convert to Muslim, they will fail in Jesus name.

Agbakwue Uchechi

some people are yet to understand the mistake they made in the 2015 election. Abi na APC! Change! una eye go still clear.