Editorial: Boko Haram – Who Do We Believe Now?

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Editorial: Boko Haram - Who Do We Believe Now?

Nigerians and indeed the countries in the Chad basin area affected by the Boko Haram scourge are confused and baffled by the contradicting news emanating from different quarters everyday. The question now is this; On the issue of Boko Haram, who do we believe?

Before the Buhari led government took power, they promised to vanquish the sect and rescue the Chibok girls within 2 months. Two months have turned to over four months and still Boko Haram are still wrecking havoc and the Chibok girls still remain in the wind.

There has been so much media hype sponsored by supporters of the government, telling wonderful stories of how the army is routing the Boko Haram forces. With this news, we at the same time hear of horrible attacks. The last one has left over 100 people dead.

While this has been described as the trashings of a dying beast, one is forced to ask another pertinent question: If indeed the Army is winning the war and will crush Boko Haram before December, why are there still talks of negotiating with Boko Haram?

Recently, we heard that Boko Haram has asked that their main bomb maker be released in exchange for the missing Chibok girls. This alone raises so much questions. Over 600 women and girls have been rescued since the army took the offensive to the enemy. Not one Chibok girl has been among those rescued, raising so much questions.

In situations like these, there is always need for the captor to produce a proof of life to show that the captive is indeed alive. What proof of life has ever been presented after that first video that was shown months ago?

Why has the names and pictures of these missing girls remained a classified document? They were writing their WAEC exams so WAEC must have their details. Why has the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign lost steam? Where is Ezekwesili and her team in red?

All these questions tend to lend credence to those who propose that the capture of the Chibok girls was a contraption engineered to oust the past government. The present government therefore owes it to the people who voted for them and indeed the doubting Thomases to rescue these girls and show the world that they indeed exist.

Buhari is a liar - Shekau Earlier this week, an audio recording said to be the voice of Shekau was released. In this recording, the voice of Shekau called Buhari a liar. Shekau said  “They lied that they have confiscated our arms, that we have been chased out of our territories, that we are in disarray. We are alive, I am alive, this is my voice, more audible than it was before. This is Shekau. Buhari is a liar and has deceived you. The army spokesman is also lying. He and his foot-soldiers always run helter-skelter whenever we come face to face with them. Buhari, you once claimed that you will crush us in three months. How can you crush us?”

Who in heavens name do we believe now? The Army or the voice of Boko Haram’s Shekau? What is more disturbing is the fact that the bombings are continuing with devastating results. Who is the government negotiating or trying to negotiate with? Who requested for the bomb maker in exchange for Chibok girls? Who did the Buhari led administration offer amnesty in exchange for the Chibok girls?

Someone raised a vital issue. Boko Haram is reported to now be affiliated with ISIS. Does ISIS believe in negotiating with their enemies? Has Boko Haram pulled out of their affiliation with ISIS?

Every day, more questions than answers are raised on the issue of Boko Haram. Nigerians and the rest of Africa want to be told the truth for once. Let us stop playing games with this issue. Lives are being lost everyday, the Army says they are winning the war and the government says they are negotiating with the same people the army is defeating.

Only the truth will set us free.

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Ibrahim Muhammad Sokoto

I know good journalists have a place in the battle fields. If you are one of the doubting thomases, send your staff to Sambisa, to be reporting for you. We trust what the Nigerian Army are saying. At least no foreign medium falsify them in what they have been saying. Be optimistic pls

Ian Alphonsus


David Essien

The tiger usually swallows its rider.

Charles Juromi

God know them.

Anthony Uko

We believe boko haram, bcos we ar seeing their hand work live & direct. But Nigeria Army & FG ar using mouth & Facebook media to fight their own, liers…

Obasi David

Cattle rearer buhari told us 2weeks 2 stop boko haram nd to pay Nigerian youths 5k…where r his promises? Instead of concentrating on his work, he decide to witch-hunt. I beg, Boko haram is @ truth side. Buhari carry lies 4 head deh wakah.

Oyigocho Sale

The conspiracy question indeed!

Gift Nems

Good Post. Nigeria is on the verge of collapsing…we can’t continue like this. Blessed Soney Oyigocho Sale Vincent Unogwu Choice Ekpekurede Emmanuel Kayode Olatunde

Yusuf Zakari Edego

Sai baba sai change dole we r watching

John Norbert Okoroafor

I love the good work of boko haram

Ibrahim Muhammad Sokoto

You are an armed robber that is why. And you are a product of a baby factory. You did not go to UNN! You are a liar.