Boko Haram: We Won’t Rush In to Rescue the Chibok Girls – Army

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Boko Haram: We Won't Rush In To Rescue The Chibok Girls - Army

We won’t be rushing in to rescue the Chibok girls. This is a key point in the statement made by the Acting Director, Military Information, Rabe Abubakar. According to Abubakar, such an operation requires proper and adequate planning.

In a press conference he further made the following clarifications:

“The issue of the low morale of the Nigerian military men has now become a thing of the past. The operation to recover the Chibok girls is alive and still ongoing. We have continued to make rescue efforts, and we will do all within our powers to bring the girls.

“However, we will not rush to do this. It requires diligent intervention and a high-level operation to rescue the girls. In due time, every captive of Boko Haram will be released. A lot of achievements have been recorded recently, and this cannot be disconnected from the high morale of the army.

“We want to assure our citizens that soon, insurgency will be a thing of the past. But, it is not only about the military or the North-Eastern region. It is our collective duty to ensure that there is peace in the country.

“The Nigerian army has put together a multilateral cooperation. Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are partnering to ensure we win the terrorism war.”

“The Defence Headquarters has brought out a committee to work out modalities to set up a safe horizon. This is a place where terrorists who decide to surrender will go. Once they are there, they will be spared of any molestation and given treatments conforming to international best practices.

“A terror group can only survive on information. Information has been identified as one of the key elements relied on by terrorist groups to perpetrate their heinous crimes. It is for this reason that we seek collaboration with the media. We are not sleeping. We are cooperating with the relevant agencies in the fight against the terrorists.”

This is a not a new position with the Army. Nigerians have always known that such an operation requires some proper planning. However, there are questions that have been asked and asked again. Some of these include:

  • Are there really Chibok girls missing?
  • Why is it that their names and pictures have not been published?
  • Why is it that non of the hundreds of captives rescued by the Army have seen any of the Chibok girls?
  • Does the Army know where they are now?

Before planning such an operation, the location of the hostages must have been ascertained. If the Army is saying that this operation requires proper planning, then they are indirectly telling us that they know where the girls are being held, hence the need for proper planning to rescue them.

The issue of the Chibok girls has been a sore point among many groups. The bring back our girls campaigners made a lot of noise about the efforts or non-efforts of the previous government. Today, they have gone silent despite the fact that during the campaigns, this government promised to rescue the girls within 2 months. Upon winning, Buhari changed his tune and said they cannot be certain of rescuing them yet the ‘bring back our girls’ campaigners have found nothing wrong with this.

Nigerians are waiting and praying for the rescue of these girls captured more than 500 days ago.

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Nehemiah Oche Israel

If u tynk datz d ryt tyn 2 do; go ahead siré.

Teddy Mario Ej Imoesi

Northerhers play polities with boko haram God will punish them

Indie Stephen

RUSH IN or GO SLOW…….Just bring the girls!

Blessuche Nwofor

A country created with lies, govern by lies,control by liars,filled with liars and inflict lies to any one that come near it evil nizooria and it’s fraudulent army

Usman A Babalado

we have killed shekau,boko haram in disaray,we wil wil flush boko haram withing two month,an attack to boko haram is an atack againt north,we have now cleared sambisa and all the rest.Now boko haram are again in Abuja.Ehiyanmen,this will be the last to respond to you on this issue of boko haram,i dont play politics with human blood,kindly tell your party to fnish boko haram,they have no any excuse,the time for propaganda is over,jare.

Michael Fapounda

Politician soldier

Harrison Ilabor

The hopes of rescuing these girls is now a myth than reality. Things are gloomy because those girls must have integrated with their captures.

Patrick Raymond

This mumu Army Chief thinks people are brainwashed, not knowing that people have seen their “ass”. I expected him to act destroy boko haram but he can’t. Zombie Army Chief
Many of them whom where appointed by yeye President PMB go slow.
Likes of Oby Ezekwesiri, all her plans campaign for APC used bring her died girls back, will

Kalu Williams

D nigerian Army told us dat they hv cleared sambisa forest,so where are they trying 2 rescue d chibok girls or women.

Leonard Okey Ikechukwu

how will you rush and why will you rush,the promise of “I will rescue them in 1month” the so broadcasted news of “we are defeating and have siezed and captured many boko members” fucktards