Editorial: UN Meeting on Boko Haram – Why Was Nigeria Not Represented?

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Editorial: UN Meeting on Boko Haram - Why Was Nigeria Not Represented?

It is no longer news that Nigeria did not send any representative to the meeting held at the UN to drum up support for the rehabilitation of persons displaced by the Boko Haram attacks. The Presidency of course came up with an explanation.

Shehu Garba, Senior Special Assistant to the Presidency on Media and Publicity, said in his statement that “contrary to the erroneous impression that may have been created by reports that the Nigerian delegation to the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly missed a meeting on help for displaced persons, President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration remain fully committed to the rehabilitation and well-being of all persons who have been displaced or adversely affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.”

He further explained that  “the meeting at which Nigeria was reportedly absent was not one of the official events of the United Nations for which President Muhammadu Buhari and his modest delegation are in New York.”

He also said that “while the meeting referred to in media reports is commendable, it was not the only one or the most important of such meetings in New York that are paying attention to the problem of insecurity, migration and violent extremism in the Lake Chad area and the rest of the world.”

Not only have Nigerians rejected these excuses which at best are flimsy and a feeble attempt at saving face, they have now realized that the government may have not been very truthful in trying to diminish the importance of the meeting.

According to reports, this meeting was a very high powered one. This ‘faux pas’ has been described as a major diplomatic blunder by top diplomats. According to Reuters, “U.S. and European Union diplomats said they were disappointed that Nigeria did not attend the event chaired by O’Brien”

This meeting that was regarded not to have been important enough to have warranted a representation from Nigeria was attended by Brigi Rafini, the Prime Minister of Niger and Moussa Faki Mahamat, the Chadian Foreign Minister among others.

As a result of this meeting, about $6.8 million was pledged towards the relief efforts being made or that will be made as an attempt at helping relocate and rehabilitate the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

The Presidency should learn to apologize for massive errors like these. Such international level mis-steps and failures will likely continue until Mr President sets aside his disdain and disrespect for Ministers and appoint competent hands to help him in the running of this huge country. These minister will advice and represent him at such events.

If the fight against insurgency is as important to Mr President as he would have us believe, then meetings such as these should have priority. He certainly does not have to be in attendance himself. He simply needs to send in a high powered delegation.

Mr President, you don’t know it all! Ask for advice and help on issues that are beyond your scope. That is what Presidents do. They are human and have limitations so they rely on the best hands to make them look good. Last time we checked, you were still human. Nigerians demand better than this.


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Kingsley Nnamdi

Because they were late.

Solomon Onwukwe

Bicos they knows that they are the problem Not Boko Haram

Mascot Ngene

Buhari is the father of the boko haram, and moreso,he didnt plan to discuss that with them,if he is allowd to be there,certainly he will disgrace the world with his blunders, he is the only one wearing baban riga in that crowdy meeting,he didnt want to appear as an english man but a native of d boko haram, they are always against western life,edu etc but they do kiss their wives,r0mance them and even use c0nd0ms which is dat western way of life they detests, lolz

Funmi Sola

Dia is God oooooo

Udensi Dickson

@sadiq l totally disagree with you. The Nigeria government has sympathetic approach on boko haram,even your president called them MY BROTHERS.how ever the northerners stopped former Army chief lhejirika from fighting boko haram .The fact remains that Nigeria is a sharia country.

Sadiq M R Bebeji

The office of Nigeria Representative to UN need to be checked for sabotage and poor coordination. It is quite unfortunate for who ever that hold the office in question.

Uche Okos

Nigerian president is de-factor leader of boko harm

Akinrogun Akinwumi Adebola

He has defeated boko haram and it wasnt necessary again. All he wanted from his journey was the stolen funds starched in foreign countries. Oga daura, i lied?

Ibamboo Dubem

Cus he don’t want anything against his boys

Nomso Imebuogu

The quesion goes to president Holier than thou Mumunmadu Buhari……..