Boko Haram Fighters are Mostly Christians Says Report

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Boko Haram fighters mainly christians

In an article titled ‘Dispelling the myths about Nigeria’s Boko Haram” by Daniel Finnan of the RFI English service, Boko Haram fighters were said to be made up of a large number of Christians. It is not clear how this conclusion was arrived at but Nigerian researchers who met for the European Conference on African Studies in Paris last week took part in a discussion titled ‘Within and around Boko Haram in Nigeria’ and this was the findings of one of the experts.

Everyone in Nigeria knows or takes for granted the fact that the Boko Haram issue is closely tied to Islamic Fundamentalists. Boko Haram which is basically known for abhorring anything that has to do with Western education and also promoting the institutionalizing of Sharia rule in the North has shown no signs of having any kind of agenda that will benefit a christian or even a peace loving Muslim for that matter. It is therefore shocking to say the least to think that a good number of these blood sucking, havoc wrecking group could possibly be made up of Christians.

According to RFI, some of the experts they discussed with gave some insight to the Boko Haram issue. According to Ini Dele-Adedeji, of the School of Oriental and African Studies, “Transnational, international aims – I have not seen evidence to support that. So I think they want to carve out a Sharia state in a part of northern Nigeria. But I don’t think they intend for it to cover the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.”

Professor Murray Last on his part had a lot more to say. He said “The real problem of Boko Haram is that no one has actually infiltrated them or if they have, they haven’t come out, or they’ve joined them. So the level of knowledge about the insides of Boko Haram is remarkedly small.” He went on to say “If you analyse the photographs you seem to have so many people that might be Shekau. Shekau has been pronounced dead by the Nigerian press and army so many times. So what one’s dealing with is quite possibly the title of leader like Shekau, which could be applied to anyone.”

On the issue of their fighters having a large number of Christians, Prof Last said “It’s almost certainly bound to be about 5,000, but some people put the numbers up way higher. The other problem is that of course as far as we know it’s quite a good job, at one point you could be paid 400 dollars a month for just simply joining them, you wouldn’t have to go fighting, you would spend your first months doing logistics or training. It’s quite profitable joining Boko Haram because you not only loot places, but you share the loot out at the end. And the third point that I think is important to realize is that there are plenty of Christians who are part of Boko Haram because it’s a job.”

This position goes against all that Nigerians know about the Boko Haram insurgents. As  Nigerians plead with the government to do all within its power to to end this menace, it is hoped that whether this report is true or not, all those forced into joining this evil campaign will regain their freedom and be reintegrated into their communities.

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Samuel Iyoriobhe Thomas

Brus! Abeg borrow me your lighter make i take smoke dis LIE! E go high me pass egbo n sk togeda!

Vow Vow

Big lie

Arije Olajide

useless people… so na christians dey speak alar akba wheneber they want to kill

Engr Oje Kehinde Uju

Lie lie

Gerald Uche Kalu

So Christians now want to establish an Islamic State abi? see ur self?

Alexander Osinachi Al-yazid

isiaka you would wish with all your heart that this was the truth ba?

Oluchi John


Ayeni Segun Martins


HenRee UkaChi

Lie of the century. This is the one my late grandfather calls “Akuko e ji otele ege”

Isiaka Steven

Hahahaha! It is true na! Just as Ehijerika and GEJ are the sponsors of Boko Haram, and the alleged Christian Boko Haram shout alhakuba instead Praise God or praise Jesus.
Those who wanted change have come to the real change where Buhari and his people insist on envouraging BH to destroy life, while the manufacture narrative as this to divert attention.