BIAFRA: To Be Or Not To Be (3) – Chimaobi Eluigwe

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BIAFRA: To Be Or Not To Be (3) - Chimaobi Eluigwe


Sometime last year I penned my thoughts on the Biafra struggle (see 1 and 2). Today I wish to introduce another perspective as we mull over our collective destiny as a people.

Not too long after Adam and his wife left Eden, a few extra-terrestrial beings (we refer to as angels) had sexual relations with human beings (women) as part of a grand plan (Gen 6). This act produced Genetically-Modified Humans (GMH); a distortion that disrupted societies’ social dynamics and unleashed violence at proportions that even Spielberg would struggle to depict in his movies.

This was evil at its most creative and it spread so fast that at some point, only one family was genetically uncorrupted i.e. Noah’s. This evil threatened to not just disrupt human society at the time but to completely destroy man’s destiny and God’s plan for planet earth.

God’s response was drastic. He drowned all GMHs with a global flood but preserved Noah’s family in a ship. He also imprisoned those extra-terrestrials in chains of darkness (Jude 1). He did this to preserve the human bloodline of Christ, who’d be the Savior of the world. Without such ruthless resolve, humanity would have been doomed and the earth pillaged by GMH giants forever.

After the flood, Noah’s grandson Canaan is believed to have rediscovered the forbidden knowledge of crossbreeding humans with non-humans (possibly animals) and passed it on to his children.
This once again resulted in strange beings and giants (GMH) in his lineage. The Canaanites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, the Anakims etc. are examples of Canaan’s descendants who were mostly giants (Remember Jericho, anyone?). These genetically-modified humans settled around the landmass that came to be known by the name of their ancestor – the Land of Canaan.

Because God had given His word to Noah that He’d never destroy the earth with a flood, and the sheer impracticality of solving a local problem with a global solution, God used the sword of the children of Israel to annihilate this resurfaced evil and threat to humanity. This explains the seeming scotched earth policies God demanded towards these beings and the insistence on zero sexual or marital contact with them. In that sense, Israel saved the world from this evil with their faith and bravery against the giants.

But a sensible question to this narrative can be – why didn’t this evil spread to the whole earth like it did in the time of Noah? Why was it localized, thus rendering itself vulnerable to annihilation? The answers can be found in certain steps God took to curtail the spread of evil over the whole earth. These include;

Geography (G)– The earth was created as one floating piece and not the fragmented continental slabs we see now when we look at a global map. This geological division occurred in the time of Peleg (Gen 10:25). Before this breakup men could travel across the diameter of the earth. In this way whatever evil that springs up anywhere, can reach anywhere in little time. So when the earth was divided, oceans and seas introduced a geographical challenge to anyone peddling evil and thus impeded the spread of such.

Language (L) – In Noah’s time the earth had one language. This enabled the quick spread of information and ideas to all inhabitants of the earth. After the Flood (and Babel), God introduced multiple languages into human society to erect another barrier to the quick spread of evil. Even when translation tries to bridge the gap, certain nuances are often lost in the process thus impeding the unbridled spread of diabolical ideas.

Race (R) – we can’t tell what physical race Adam and Eve were. But we’re almost certain there was one race on earth. But after the Flood, we begin to see Hamites/Cushites (blacks), Semites (from Shem), Caucasians (from Japhet) and other blends. These colorful differences didn’t go beyond the skin but it introduced a basis for differentiation among humans and must have served as a rallying point after the confusion at Babel. This raised another barrier against the spread of evil by curtailing the willing adoption of evil ideas coming from another race. This does not connote any superiority or otherwise between races. RACISM is itself an evil!

Culture (C) – when a racially and linguistically similar people interact with themselves and their geographical environment for a while, they develop ways of life that are unique to them. These ways of life are referred to as culture. A people’s unique culture presents another barrier to the spread and adoption of evil. Culture serves as a prism and sieve through which we perceive and embrace the world. That sieve can help lock out evil for good.

Nation (N) – Before Noah there were no nations. After the Flood (and Babel), nations/kingdoms began to spring up. Nationhood was invented by God to protect and perpetuate the prosperity of humans who share similar Geographical, Linguistic, Racial and Cultural (G.L.R.C) characteristics. This is done by an accepted elite exercising national sovereignty over defined territorial borders. It is the duty of those exercising national sovereignty to protect its borders against evil.

This is because when evil feels impeded, it seeks to break out by using violence to violate the barriers erected against it. The political leaders of a nation must aggregate and deploy its G.L.R.C.N resources to prevent evil from encroaching into its sphere of control. Nations have done this through the use of the military, walls (like Donald Trump seeks to do in the US), border controls etc.

God created the G.L.R.C.N barriers to slow the spread of evil until His plan and work on earth is complete. International trade, sports and alliances serve as means for different nations to interact and jointly prosper. But forcing different nations to exist within the same political sovereignty, tears down these God-ordained barriers to evil. This makes it easy for evil to spread, thus enlarging the scope and scale of misery. This may explain recent research that affirms that culturally homogeneous nations generally prosper much more than heterogeneous ones.

There is an evil in the world today known as Radical Islamic Terrorism. This evil seeks to dominate the earth completely and tries to achieve this by violently yanking at the G.L.R.C.N barriers. The answer to this evil is to strengthen these barriers, not weaken them. The aggressive use of these barriers to evil explains why Israel is an oasis of peace and prosperity in the midst of unprecedented regional chaos on all sides.

One may say – what about Paris and now Brussels? Paris’ attack was planned in Brussels and crossed a nearly non-existent Schengen border between Belgium and France. Brussels itself have allowed the wanton immigration and proliferation of Islamic radicalism within its borders in the name of pluralism. In fact, the whole of the EU is slowly committing cultural suicide by foolishly allowing unprecedented influx of immigrants from the other side of the G.L.R.C.N divide.

In Nigeria, we also are experiencing a slow motion home-run of Islamic jihad. While Boko Haram has increasingly resorted to hit and run tactics (though it still holds territory in some parts of the north), the world’s fourth deadliest terrorist organization is on the loose. These are the Fulani Herdsmen. They are currently in almost every part of the country, fully armed, unnervingly violent and disconcertingly tolerated by a strange silence from the powers that be.

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We all know where all of these are headed but we choose to play the ostrich. Maybe because those involved are very patient. They are patient enough to work out their strategy over many decades, even centuries. But those of us on this side of the Nigerian geographical and cultural divide can hardly see beyond the short cycles of our pockets and comforts. Everyday villagers are murdered, farmlands plundered, towns are overrun, and we simply rely on the same gutted police/military force to fight back.

But the only guarantee that my village in Bende LGA in Abia State will not become an Emirate in 50 years (like Ilorin) is not police check points or the patrols of compromised Nigerian military personnel but a SOVEREIGN, MILITARIZED BORDER between those murderous hordes (i.e. Fulani Herdsmen) and Nsukka, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Anioma etc. It would seem that such sovereign borders will also do the South West, North Central and South South some good too. Anybody who thinks this position is alarmist must have been very bored with the study of history.

A quick search into the history of Turkey will bring some perspective and show that a 100% Christian society can become a 100% Islamic one through the use of persistent force. It is even scarier to know that the current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established by the aggressive spread of bloody Sunni Wahhabism throughout the Arabian Peninsula and eventually legitimized by abundant petro-dollars.

This Sunni Wahhabism is the same doctrinal disposition used by ISIS, Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen. They intend to relentlessly expand Dar al Islam (the House/Realm of Islam) and will keep waging war to achieve it.

While moderate Islamic scholars develop and sell a more allegorical and less violent interpretive framework for the Quran and Hadith, nations at the risk of aggression from these extremists must protect their sovereign domains aggressively. In Nigeria’s case, this evil has taken root in the North and is seeking to aggressively spread into the South. The nation’s security apparatus seems unable or unwilling to deal the death blow because perhaps the root is too deep and have a broad reach in the hearts and minds of millions.

Several administrations failed to deal with it despite empty assurances. The current one seems uninterested. The only true bulwark against this evil is a sovereign border between North and South, along the pre-1914 lines. Or better still, several such borders along the geopolitical zones of the nation.

An independent Biafra will not only protect its citizens from these merchants of death but can also serve as a haven for other Nigerians whose homelands have been overrun and are in need of safety and succor. Therefore, whilst pushing for a referendum may not result in the independence of Biafra, it may at least jolt the Nigerian political elite to rise up and deliver on their first and most important job description i.e. THE SECURITY OF THE LIFE AND PROPERTY OF THE NIGERIAN CITIZEN.

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Kenneth Igiri

Very very educative. Never interpreted Peleg that way before. This hings we gloss over in Scripture! Wow.